Saturday, January 29, 2011

NOTD: cute hearts for valentines day


So now I have few weeks when I'm allowed to paint my nails again, beacuse I do not have any school- I have to study for exams. Today I really wanted to do a nail design using some nail polishes which I bought in november. All of them are china glaze, except top coat and base coat.
It is quite easy to do, because I'm a beginner at this too :D Did not find anything similar on youtube, so maybe when I get some false tips, I will do a tutorial on it too. :D

Product list:
First apply your basecoat: I used opi nail envy
Paint your nails with main color(pink)- china glaze sugar high (I needed only 1 coat!)
Add some lilac on the tips diagonally- I used china glaze secret peri-wink-le
Make some stripes with nail art brush- china glaze grape pop
add silver dots with dotting tool or toothpick- china glaze millenium
then but on some topcoat and while it is still wet, add heart-shaped rhinestones. I used seche vite topcoat, which dries your nail polish really fast, but it has a downside too - I almost always have nailpolish peeling off issues. Even if I follow the instructions exactly- You have to add this top coat on almost WET nailpolish! But I'm going to do separate post on this topcoat ;)
Correct any mistakes that you made with a cotton swab and a bit of nailpolish remover.

And that's it :D

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