Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick review: NYX round lipsticks


So this post is going to be about lipsticks in my makeup collection- I am not really a lipstick person so I only have 6 lipsticks. 5 of them are NYX round lipsticks- I have read some great reviews and watched some YT videos so I decided to try them out.
So the names are:
Circa: a very beige nude lipstick- wrong color for me, too similar to my skintone. Have not worn this out yet. Maybe b52 would have been better.
Tea rose: natural and pretty subtle pink color, really like this one.
Louisiana: bright pink lipstick
Femme: bright red lisptick with orange undertone (in estonian: punakas toon oranži alatooniga. Väga erk!)
Electra: classic red lipstick.
They do not stay on really long, so you have to re-apply them quite often. All the mentioned tones are cream finishes. But I still love them, because they were cheap and NYX cosmetics are cruelty free. :) Altough I am not planning to order any more of these online. Next lipsticks that I would like to try out are Revlon Colorburst.

I have one lipstick by maybelline, it is from their watershine lipsticks, regal mauve no643. I did not buy this myself, but got it as a gift from facebook maybelline estonia fanpage last summer. This is my only shimmer lipstick.

So here is a picture of them :)

Have you tried NYX round lipsticks? What do you think of them?

Thank you for reading!

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