Friday, March 11, 2011

Big ELF haul part 1


A little introduction about ELF:
Their slogan is: where beauty meats value. This means that they sell good quality products for cheap. The regular line costs 1$, studio line 3$ for ANY ITEM.  ELF cosmetics are cruelty free- they do not test on animals.

When You live in Europe, then You can order from, but the prices are higher, because they buy their products from ELF U.S and it is a different company. Check out their facebook fan page regularly to get discount codes. :) Shipping fee is usally 3,95£.

Okay, let's get onto my haul now. I placed my order on 22nd February and got the package on 8th March- so the shipping took 16 days. I guess that it is quite long, but I belive that some days my package was in the customs. My package was otherwise well, but one nail of the nail polishes was broken- I already contacted the customer service and got response the next day, but I have not recieved refund yet, but I guess that it is going to happen in few days.  I ordered when everything was 20% off, so alltogether I paid 38,95£ for this package.

First: regular line hypershine lip gloss in Flirt. I do not like this lipgloss a whole lot, because it has too sweet smell and it is quite sticky compared to my NYX lipglosses. The color itself is quite sheer pink. Here is the picture of product and a swatch. It costs 1$ on US site and 1,7€ on UK site.

Second. My choices from ELF mineral makeup line. I needed a new powder so I decided to try minera booster in sheer- I bought it in large, beacuse of this discount. (I can't really swatch this, because it is almost translucent). Second item was mineral blush named rose- just wanted to try this out. :) And third item is mineral eyeshadow primer, which has been compared to urban decay primer potion so I decided to try this one out, because I needed an eyeshadow primer.I have tried all of these once adn so far I like them a lot.

Third: My choices from Studio line were: (all of these cost 3$ or 3.5£ or 4€)
1. Blush and bronzer duo compact- this one is also compared to NARS products. The blush is compared to NARS orgasm and bronzer to NARS Laguna bronzer.

2. Warm bronzer- can't use this right now because I am too pale, but I hope it will be beautiful in summer when I am a little bit tanned.

3. Eyebrow kit in light(should have gone for medium maybe, but I am planning to add blonde highlights so I guess that this browkit will do)

This picture is blush/bronzer compact(on the left) and brow kit(on the right) with flash.
Second part of this haul will be posted tomorrow- ELF brushes.



  1. Ma igaks juhuks hoiatan, et ära neid sifter seal'e kohe ära tõmba, piirdu pigem paari nõelaga tehtud augukesega. :)
    Tellisin samuti endale selle heledama kulmukomplekti, pole veel kohale jõudnud... kas saaksid sellest ka swatche teha?

  2. Ma võin uuesti üritada, aga need mis ma tegelikult praeguseks tegin olid kergelt öeldes halvad(mida oligi arvata 5a vanalt seebikarbilt- peaks blogimiseks sünnipäevaks mehelt uut nõudma) :P Ma lugesin su blogist juba seda, et neid ei tohiks täitsa ära tõmmata, aitäh! :)

  3. Kuna ma ise kunagi eeldasin, et häälduse järgi kirjutatakse Lagoona, siis pean tunnistama, et see osutuks valeks. Õige nimi on Laguna. Mõtlesin, et igaks juhuks mainin ära :) Muidu hea introductsion ja ma vist tahan selle kulmu kit'i ära proovida :P

  4. Aitäh, Grete, ma parandan kohe ära ;)

  5. Ära sa räägi, see seebikarp annab ju värvitoone väga kenasti edasi. Minu odav kaamera ei fokusseeru hästi aga toakaaslase hirmkallis kaamera jällegi keerab värvigammad täiesti tuksi. lõpptulemusena eelistan siiski oma odavat seebikarpi swatchide tegemisel :)

  6. hahaa.. ma käin need windowsi pilditöötlejaga üle, lõikan ja sätin gammat jne. ;) Mul on Csnon powershot A400 :P Eks ma olen ise nõudlikum lihtsalt, sest olen kunagi natuke tõsisemalt ka fotograafiaga tegelenud. (mööda metsa müttasin gümnaasiumi ajal :D)