Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do you have warm or cold skin tone?

Hey, beauties!

This post helps you to decide which skin tone you have: warm, cold or neutral. 

Why is this important?
  • With the correct colors(in cosmetics and clothing):
  • Your skin tone will appear radiant and glowing
  • Your eyes will appear brighter and clearer
  • Your hair will reflect highlights
  • You will hear compliments - such as "You look great"! There are several tests to find out your skintone, but remember, they have to be done in natural lighting.
1. Look at the veins on your wrists.
 Do they look blue or green? If they look blue you have cool skintone, if they look green then you have warm skintone. Preferably please do this in natural lighting to get accurate colors.

2. White or off-white? Black or brown?
Take a piece of fabric. If you look better in white and black, you are cool-toned. If you look better in brown and off-white, you are warm-toned. 

3. What colors you like to wear?
If you have cool skin tone, then you like to wear: grey, blue, rosy pink, fuscia, lilac, purple, burgundy, emerald green, black and white. These are called the jewel tones. Some well- known people who like to wear cold tones are: Naomi Campbell, Anne Hathaway, Liz Hurley and Simon Cowell.
If you have warm skin tone, then you tend to prefer colors with yellow undertones(earthy colors ): gold, yellow, orange, brick red, beige, khaky, ivory. Famous people, who like to wear these colors are: Dannii Minogue, Anne Robinson, Jessica Biel, Sarah Ferguson and Chris Evans.

4. Jewelry test.
Does gold or silver look better on you? If you prefer silver, then you have cold skin tone and if you love gold then you have warm skin tone.

5. Natural hair and eye color.
Warm Color Group:
Hair color: black, brown, light, golden to dark blonde, red, light auburn, reddish to golden brown
Eye color: brown, green, blue
Complexion: golden, olive, light beige and you tan easily. Undertones. golden, apricot, yellow.

Cool Color Group
Hair color: light to medium brown, dark brown, light to medium brunette, red, dark brunette.
Eye color: greenish, hazel, blue, blue-gray, light-green
Complexion: very fair to pale, burn easily, rosy cheeks. Undertones: pink, rosy, blue

Thank you for reading!

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