Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ELF studio kabuki brush vs mineral kabuki brush- comparison and review


In this post I am going to compare two ELF kabuki brushes. I own the studio line kabuki brush, the other one(mineral kabuki) I already sold- just took some pictures before to compare them.

1. Price
Mineral kabuki brush is cheaper 4€ vs studio line 5,8€.

2. Bristles: anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush(studio) vs don't know the material of mineral kabuki brush.

3. Size: they are the same size- no difference here (length 5cm or about 2 inches)

Clearly the studio line brush is softer, the mineral line brush seems quite rough and I would not want to use that on my face.

5. Shedding
My mineral studio kabuki brush does not shed at all, but the mineral line one have shedded a little in the beginning(got feedback from the buyer).

So in conclusion I would definitely prefer the studio line kabuki brush- it is worth every penny!

What do You think of these brushes? Which one do you own? Do You know any other GREAT kabuki brushes?

Thank You for reading!


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