Sunday, March 20, 2011

My nail polish collection part 3

This is the third and last part of my nail polish collection now. I have put together ORLY and maybelline, because I do not own very many polishes from them. ORLY's have been bought again from and maybelline polishes I won from Mayeblline Estonia facebook fanpage. I am adding a picture of all my base and top coats too.
Here is part one: china glaze 
and part two: OPI polishes

These are quite sheer, but they really stay on long. Here is a nail design using the polish on the left- this photo is taken on 8th day, believe it or not. :D (The gold polish is OPI Bling Dynasty). On the tips is China Glaze Strawberry fields.

Maybelline mini(that means that the bottle is only 5 ml) swatches.
 These 2 are matte nail polishes from ORLY's Metal chic collection. This contained Solid gold polish also, but I am not into gold polishes, so I bought just these two. You can see really good review about this post here, it is written by Scrangie.I really like ORLY's rubber caps- easy to twist off. For some OPI's I have used my teeth to open- not good for your health. hahaa.. but I just could not get them open.

Orange is from ORLY's plastix collection and green+ grey is from their Once upon a time collection.
There two are from ORLY's last autumn's cosmic fx collection. I really wanted Halley's comet too, but it was too pricey and so I decided to get OPI Catch me in your net, which is cheaper and I just ordered it from ebay yesterday. ;) Really great review about this collection in here:

Last but not least important is a photo of my base and top coats. OPI natural nail base coat- that I use on my toenails, OPI Nail Envy is in a base coat role for my finger nails. Then I have Seche vite fry fast top coat which I still use, but I do not really like, I have written a post saying why here: Seche vite top coat review.

Do you think that I have too many nail polishes? How many do you have and what is your favorite polish(from here or from anywhere) ?

Thank you for reading!

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  1. hi there

    nice collection
    no i dont think u have too many! :)
    but nail polish is an addiction haha