Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My nail polish collection part 2: OPI nail polishes


In this post I am going to show You my OPI nail polishes- I only have a few and most of them are minis. I like OPI, but I guess that china glaze has almost the same quality nail polishes for cheaper. What I really love is OPI nail polishes brush- it is quite big and it is easy to cover whole nail with 3 strokes. Enough with this introduction, let's get to the pictures. 

A ltittle description for each polish, starting from the left:
Bling dynasty: yellow gold with gold flecks. It is quite thick- opaque in 2 coats. The gold color is antique looking- reminds me of treasure chest. This color really comes alive when you look at it in sunlight. 
La-paz-itively hot matte: this matte color does not stay on too well, but as the label on it said- it is not meant to stay on for long period of time, it is meant to make a statement. As I have read from other beauty blogs, it is not similar to OPI regular La-paz-itively hot nail polish. Matte version is much darker. I have also read that this polish has the most satin finish from OPI matte collection. 
Garagatuan green grape: (sorry, the first word is hard for me so I misspelled it on the pic) Ok, depending on the lighting it may look pastel green or bright green. It is more brighter in artificial lighting. It is perfect for spring and summer. First layer is streaky, but 2nd or 3rd coat evens it out nicely. Yes, you have to put on so many coats, because it is quite sheer, but it dries quickly. :)
At first sight: soft, gentle and classy natural nail polish with gold flash. It is quite sheer, but I like it. You might get it opaque enough if You apply four coats. This polish is not streaky at all. 
Alpine snow: It is just regular white nail polish, perfect for french manicure. 

Absolutely Alice: royal blue + gold glitter together in clear base- so you need 3 coats to reach the opacity needed. It is definitely not your regular blue glitter. But beware- this glitter polish is extremly hard to remove, but it stayed on my toenails pretty well too. 
Russian Navy: Russian Navy is a blacked out navy with red and blue microglitter- this glitter gives this polish a blurple look. 
Black Onyx: really nicely pigmented black nail polish, 2 coats to get it opaque. 

Here are the nail wheel swatches of the polishes described above:

Two mini sets that I own are:

Burlesque mini set, they don't have any labels on, so I just guessed the names comparing them to the whole collection. 
Tease-y does it: a vampy, deep plum hue with golden and red micro-glitter.  
Ali's big break: a jelly based candy apple with flecks of gold micro-glitter
The show must go on: only duochrome color, has nice hot pink shimmer in it. This is one of my favorite nail polishes. I wish that I would have ordered that one in full size. 
Let me entertain you: a bright glimmering fuchsia.

Dim Sum Plum: plum pink creme color. 
Red my fortune cookie: a tomato red, not classi red nail polish. More brighter and slightly orange. 
Suzi says fng shui: a vivid blue creme. 
All three of these are really opaque. 

Thank you for reading!

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