Monday, March 7, 2011

My nail polsih collection vol 1: China glaze


So here comes the first part of my nail polish collection. Yeah I know it is not practical to own this many polishes, but what can I say- I really love nail polish :D At least I can paint my toenails daily with different colors if I want to. :P (My fingernails have to be short and unpolished now for a while.)

First all of them in one picture.

Then all of these are from last spring's Up and away collection- they are all creme finish, nice pastel spring tones. Still love them all :) Lemon fizz is a little bit paler in real life.  As you can see I have taken my time and written the names on the caps :)

So here are all my blue or green china glaze nail polishes In the middle is my all time favorite nail polish- For Audrey.
And now- all my pinks and reds. I really love Strawberry fields- I would describe it as a nice pink with yellow flecks in it. As you can see I have used it quite a bit (tried to water marble with it :P )
Some top coats, silver and gold + cuticle oil(which I always forget to use :P ). Silver and gold I have used only in my nail art designs, I have never colored my nails only with them- but now I guess that I will try it. :D
And now the long awaited swatches on a color wheel. The first one is in a day light, the second one is taken with flash.

I tried to take the photos as good as I could and I also corrected white balance etc. to get the closest result to how they look in real life. :)

Thank you for reading this post and have a colorful spring! :) I can almost feel it here, altough we have a lot of snow still left, but the sun is becoming warmer every day now.


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