Sunday, March 6, 2011

NYX Runaway collection Velvet Rope palette Review + makeup look.


So this post is going to be about this palette mentioned in the heading. Yes, this is the second NYX palette that I own. I like this palette also, but I think that smokey eyes palette is better.
 The palette has 10 nice shadows to choose from. Not all of them are purple. One color is nice pigmented black and one is a dark blue color. It comes with a nice large mirror and one two sided sponge tip applicator which I removed, because I use my makeup brushes to apply eyeshadows. ;)

 This is the top row swatches under lamp light. I used NYX jumbo pencil in milk as a base again ;)
First on the left and first on the right have big chunky glitter in them which I am not too fond of.

This is the bottom row in the same lighting conditions. Unfortunately the last color on the right did not show up really well in this picture. Actually it is a very light pink with glitter in it. It is meant to be used as a highlight, but for me it is just too shimmery for that, so I used a highlight color from smokey palette. This is the color that I used in my inner corners.

 These are the swatches on a photo taken with flash:
Hahaa.. duckface, but purple eyeshadow really makes my eyecolor pop so I love this palette! What I used: inner corners: the lightest shade from this palette, in the middle of the lid I used 2nd color from the bottom row, on the outer corners of my eye I used 4th color from the top row and blended it upwards with 3rd color from the top row. As a base: foundation + powder + NYX jumbo pencil in milk.

 A close up after just doing this makeup:

And this is what it looked like 9 hours later, yes the colors are still bright and quite visible, so they stayed on nicely. 

As always, thank you for reading!

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