Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My most used makeup brushes


Makeup brushes are essential part of my makeup collection. Of course you can apply eyeshadows with fingers or lipstick straight from the tube, but using makeup brushes makes the application so much easier and more precise. So here is some brushes that I use on daily basis- well those days that I find time and inspiration to do my makeup. :D (or when I really need to cover up the fact that I have only slept a few hours).

Brushes will be mentioned in the order that I use them on my face.

Firstly, I apply my moisturizer(or day cream)- I do not really use ELF´s mineral infused face primer that much- I don´t like the consitency nor the smell. I just use my fingers for this step.

Secondly, I apply my foundation- right now I am using loreal true match liquid foundation. I use ELF´s flat top powder brush for this. I just stipple my foundation on. It is incredibly soft and has just enough stiffness do work perfectly for that purpose. It has started to shed just a little bit, but it doesn´t shed like crazy, so you don´t need to pick loose hairs off your face after you are done using this.

Thirdly, I apply my undereye concealer or regular concealer if I have breakouts (which I rarely do, thank god for that). I have quite dark & bluish undereyes and my lid area is defenitely darker than the rest of my face, so I apply my undereye concealer on the lids too. I just use my fingers again.

Fourth step is usually setting my concealer and foundation - I use ELF mineral booster and I apply it with ELF studio kabuki brush. Again, very soft brush, but it has lost it´s shape a little bit (that is my own fault, because I keep it in my makeup bag and other items just smash it a little bit).
So now I move on to my eye makeup, I usually apply blush and bronzer/contour later, because I might have some fallout and then it is easier to clean up. Under the eyeshadows I use NYX jumbo pencils(I am going to add a review on them soon, with swatches!), which I apply with my fingers or ELF mineral eyelid primer, both work fine. Most of the time I use my NYX palettes or 120 palette, I still have not really tried out ELF Brightening eye color quads.

So my most used eye brushes are: (I use one pink flat shaped brush too which I got with my 120 palette as a free gift, but I don´t have any pictures of it).

For blending I use also one brush from ebay set- the middle brush with red handle below.
For gel eyeliner I use the red handle brush what is most below one on that picture.

For my eyebrows I just use the brush that came with ELF studio brow kit.

So now when I am done with my eyes I apply my countour with ELF´s flat top powder brush again (I have 2  :D) - I usually use ELF studio pressed powder in caramel. When I use bronzer, then I use the biggest red handle brush you can see below.
For blush application I use one random, and quite small blush brush from brush set that I got from ebay. This brush sheds like crazy, but I don´t have any better brushes to user so I just have to accept it.

Lips: hahaa my least favorite. I have only one lip brush from ebay set mentioned above and I don´t really like to use it. I just aplly lipstick or lipgloss straight from the tube. :D

What do you use to apply your makeup? What is your favorite makeup brush or brush brand?

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  1. Räägi mulle E.L.F. mineral boosterist :)

  2. Grete- mul on ELF mineral boosteri toon sheer- ei ütleks et ta täiesti läbipaistev on, kasutades jätab näo veidi liiga tumedaks. Matistamise koha pealt ei ütleks, et ta täiesti matt on, nt mu maybelline dream matte powder toimis selle koha peale paremini. Katvus on ka vist oluline- seda ta väga ei tee. Mis mulle meeldib on see, et nahale kandes ta jätab naha tekstuuri väga kenaks. Ei ole otseselt nö cakey.

  3. Okei :) Ma tahan midagi läbipaistvat, aga et kaamera välguga jääks siiski matiks. Mõtlesin ELF HD powderi peale, aga kuulsin ka korra kuskil GOSH translucent puudrist.. Peaks uurima :)

  4. HD-tooted, mis silica microspheres'i nimelist koostisosa sisaldavad, kipuvad just seda heledat kuma flashiga üles viskama. Lisaks kuivatab nahka nagu vana põrguline.
    Mu e.l.f'i powder brush on julgelt juba aastane ja ikka veel sama hea - mulle vist sattus heast partiist - neil on vägagi kõikuv kvaliteet. e.l.f'i studio näopintslid on hinna-kvaliteedi suhte poolest absoluutne tipp: powder, stipple, kabuki ning complexion pintslite osas ei ole mul siiamaani ainsatki kaebust (v.a. mõningane varre loksumine, mis on kergelt parandatav viga).
    Silmameigi jaoks tunduvad naturaalkarvad etemad olevat - ma kasutan palju lahtisi pigmente ja neid haarab naturaalne karv paremini :), e.l.f'i silmapintslid seetõttu mulle eriti ei sobi. siin on muidugi paar erandit: viltune lainer ning uus paksu otsaga viltune hajutaja, need leiavad sageli kasutamist. C-brush istub aga enamuse ajast niisama :S