Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beauty mistakes made by Estonian teenagers

Today I wanted to point out some things that really get on my nerve when I look at young girls in malls.
1. First of all- too much makeup! OMG are you drag queens or what? If you are 15, have perfectly normal skin you don't need that 3-4 coats of foundation. Dark eyeshadows for daytime is not appropriate either.
Here is one example kind of what I am talking about, you all know who she is- right?

2. Starting to wear makeup way too early! Yeah, I mean, when you are twelwe, go ahead and wear mascara and lipgloss- on special occasions full face makeup is fine too, but you just damage your skin- one set of premature wrinkles coming up. uhh.. beauty pageants for 3-7 years old girls disgust me, seriously. Let children be children!

3. Contest: who is more tanned? I understand that tanned skin is more beautiful, but again not healthy. I would ban tanning beds for everyone under 16. Most of Estonians have pretty pale complexion, so maybe you should be more natural? Too much sun dries out your skin and causes skin cancer. Believe me, I have seen patients with melanoma, this tumor is seriously aggresive! You don't have to be very old to develop cancer, younger and younger people get that!

4.  Wrong foundation tone: yeah you all know that mask effect it leaves. I tend to make this mistake too, because store lights can really mislead you and I refuse to believe that my skin is that light. When you are looking for your shade try to match this with your chest not just jawline.It is summer and we all like to show a little bit more of our decolletage. ;)

5. Hair color- there seems to be 2 favorites: blonde and black. Girls, you know there are other hair colors in between too ;) Besides, coloring your hair really damages and dries your hair! No matter what they say on the package, because it has to be harsh chemicals to really get into your hair.

Pictures are taken from internet and they are just random to get through my point. :D There are aslo other mistakes too, but these few just popped into my mind today. :D

Let me know what do you think is the worst beauty/makeup mistake you have seen on the streets?


  1. Everything you wrote is so true!

    Making your hair tooooooo blonde is the worst mistake, 'cause it really damages them and usually they look awful... Healthy hair are much more beautiful!

    Anyways, I haven't seen too many fake tan babes, i hope this vogue of being too tanned is passing.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to add, can't see the first picture. Maybe my browser's fault.

  3. Heii .
    Olen kõigega mida sa kirjutad nõus. Aga samas elu on elamiseks. Millisel muul ajal oma meigivead ja asjad ära proovida kui mitte nooruses ? Olen ise ka 15, olen ka mitmeid ja mitmeid vigu ja asju teinud ning usun, et teen edaspidigi. Aga mõistsin seda alles siis, kui see tehtud oli. Lihtsalt ei tohi oma vigadega liiale minna. Nagu ema ütleb: " 20 aasta pärast sa enam miniseelikut ei kanna, nii et millisel muul ajal siis miniseeliku aeg on, kui mitte praegu ? "
    Minu arust on veel jubedamad need noored inimesed, kes enda välimuse eest üldse ei hoolitse..need nö. ökoinimesed. Nii õudne, kui ilusad noored targad tundengitüdrukud näevad välja nagu 40aastased - äralakutud hobusesaba, reklaampildiga t-särgi ja põlvedeni kostüümseelikuga.( okei, see oli natuke liialdatud :D )

  4. Lil' M: Eks kõiki asju võib proovida, aga minu elus on kujunenud arusaam, et ka riietustes-meigis katsetada mõõdukalt ;)

    Roosi: I'll try to change that picture, it is not your browser fault. :) Thank you for your comment.