Monday, May 23, 2011

Down under naturals Nude shampoo & conditioner review


Today I am going to review down under naturals volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I have used them both for 2 months now so I can give you my opinion.
About nude line, their moto is: naturally good without the bad. They are concerned about the environment and health so all those products are 98%(conditioner 95%) plant derived. These products don't contain any: SLS, parabens, phtalates or DEAs. The ingredients of these shampoos/conditioners are biodegradeable.
Volumizing line contains plant extracts from nettle, black tea and also kaolin clay. It should clean gently and remove product build-up from hair. Shampoo should purify, add elasticity, shine and volume. Conditioner should hydrate, nourish, get rid of flyaways and add weightless volume.

So now let´s see does they really preform as great as promised. Before buying these I had been using JOICO body luxe shampoo and conditioner which didn't really suit me. My hair got greasy so quickly and did not have healthy shine.
Then I decided to go more natural and started to research what options do I even have in Estonia. First thing that I could get in a regular shop was down under naturals. I bought my set from I.L.U. shop in Tartu Lõunakeskus, both costed 4.50€, which is quite expensive. You can buy them also in Tartu or Tallinn from Kaubamaja or from bigger Selvers(did not see them in Tartu, but I've heard that they are sold in Tallinn).
Both bottles contain 325ml and have very natural and cute design, in my opinion. I just love fresh bamboo picture. :D
I really love this shampoo, usually eco friendly shampoos don't lahter up so well, but this produces nice thick foam. Smell is something between fruity and herbal- more on the fresh side. Does not leave too strong smell in hair after using. I used to wash my hair every other day, but I can get away washing them after 2 days now. So this shampoo definetly suits me and I really like it.
Now the conditioner is whole other thing- I am not really fond of it. I feel like it doesn't hydrate or nourish my hair enough and so they feel quite dry. The consictency is really thick and the smell is more herbal than shampoo's. Fortunately this smell doesn't stay in your hair that strong. So if you have dry or colored hair, I would stay away from this conditioner. Also, this conditioner really doesn't help with detangling- it is really hard to comb my hair just after washing them (yeah I know it is smth that I shouldn't do, but when I don't comb them, I'll have bird's nest in my hair :D ).
For both: I don't really know about the volumizing properties, but at least this does not weigh my hair down. I have really thin hair and I don't really style them any way.
I would defenitely give shampoo 5 points and conditioner maybe 2,5.
Have you tried these products? What do you think? Is their moisturizing line better? (I am thinking about buying the conditioner from ther moisturizing line)

Thank you for reading!


  1. 5 euri toode on minu meelest küll sigaodav, eriti Joicoga võrreldes :)

  2. Tegelikult ma ostsin ta kõige kallimast kohast, mingi sleveri sooduka ajal oli isegi vist 2,99€ vms. Joico oli ka messilt ostetud, nii et mitte täishinnaga õnneks.

  3. Super lovely blog!


  4. I used the same products for about a month. At first, it was fabulous- my hair felt silky and soft (no extra volume though). I liked them both, shampoo and conditioner- quite the moisturizing was quite ok (I have dry blonde hair). But after about half a month the products kind of lost their effect. No extra silky hair anymore, instead I got extra greasy hair extra quickly :S Maybe my hair got too used to this shampoo and conditioner.

    About the bottle: yes it looks good, I like it too :) But when there is little product left, you have to press the bottle real hard to access it :D

    Overall, I'd give this product 4 from 5. However, I would not buy it again, as my hair got too used to it. I have not used other products from them yet, but maybe soon I'll try :)

  5. I am using the invigorating shampoo and conditioner and love them both. You only need such a small amount so I find that even though they cost a little more it lasts a long time and the absence of all the "bad stuff" is worth the extra money.