Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ELF haul


A little introduction about ELF:
Their slogan is: where beauty meats value. This means that they sell good quality products for cheap. The regular line costs 1$, studio line 3$ for ANY ITEM.  ELF cosmetics are cruelty free- they do not test on animals.

When You live in Europe, then you can order from, but the prices are higher, because they buy their products from ELF U.S and it is a different company. Check out their facebook fan page regularly to get discount codes. :) Shipping fee is usally 3,95£.

As you know I really have not been happy with ELF products, buI decided to order from ELF again, because I wanted to try out their Everyday basics 32 piece eyeshadow palette. I got this free during one of their promotions (I guess it was on 22 April).

This time I chose:

2 all over cover&color sticks: apricot beige & pink lemonade, I put them together, because they seem quite similar to me. Apricot beige seems to be USED- has brush stroke lines on top :S (I don't know how is that even possible- did someone clue the package back together and returned it to ELF?- problem solved, got a refund for it! ) I have used pink lemonade on my cheeks as a blush, but I don´t really see myself using it as an eyeshadow, lipstick- maybe. On their website it is said that you can use it for all three. For eyeshadow it has too sticky, creamy concistency and it will most defenitely crease.

1 brightening eye color palette: I already put this up for giveaway ;)
Can´t swatch this one for you, but here is a picture of it anyway.

1 hypershine lip gloss: Fairy. Does not have any color at all, seems quite clear. On the swatch it seems to be pale pink with microscopic flecks of pink/gold flecks of shimmer.

1 elf regular line eyeshadow primer- wanted to compare it to the mineral line one and I am planning to write a full review on both.

1 nail polish in Lilac. Seems quite neutral and nude to me, not really lilac, compared to my other nail polishes for instance secret peri-wink-le by china glaze. Requires 3 coats to be completeley opaque. I am going to review ELF nail polishes in another post.

1 natural radiance blusher- the tone is Coy and it arrived broken. :S had some cotton fibre things in the corner too- really gross. The color itself is pretty: mauve pink with golden shine.(contacted ELF customer services and got a refund, so no complaints)

1 free 32 piece eyeshadow palette in everyday basics. I am going to post separate review on this soon, I am happy that I did not have to pay for this, beacause I don´t really like it.

So in conclusion- ELF products are cheap, but they are even more cheaper in USA - but you get what you pay for! I am loving ELF´s UK site customer service- thumbs up for that.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Best thing about e.l.f. seem to be the studio brushes :), cant complain about the mineral eyeshadows either but I really would not touch the essential-line, even with a pole.

  2. Hey! Thank you for your answer!
    Yes, I love ELD studip powder brudsh and now I found use for the stipple brush too- for cream blush. I just ordered mineral eyehsadows too, got the idea from your blog- thank you for that. :)
    I am happy with studio bronzer and blush/bronzer duo too.

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  4. Okei, selge, ma isegi tean seda, aga kuidagi harjumusest lipsab sisse. Üritan järgmises postituses seda rohkem jälgida, aitäh!

  5. Ma pole siiamaani aru saanud, kuidas inglise keeles komasid pannakse - hetkel lähtun põhimõttest, et mida vähem seda parem. Iseõppinud.