Friday, May 27, 2011

It's my birthday today! :D


Just wanted to let you know that it is my birthday today. I will let you guess how old I am now :D
Here is just one DREAM CAKE for makeup addict, this was not unfortunately made for me, but I just found it on google. Haha.. the cake would be even better when the items on the top would be REAL. :D

The biggest gift today was my new phone- I have now smartphone, so I can start using twitter etc. The whole point is sharing your thoughts at the moment- right? So I did not really use twitter before.
Old phone was nokia 3310 classic:

New phone: Sony Ericsson Arc. ONly downside is quite short battery life- only 1 day if you forgot WIFI in, like I did. :P lol. Must get used to this now! 
Remember when I talked about my favorite perfumes- one birthday present was Paco Rabanne Lady Million. :) 

I am celebrating my birthday tomorrow, a little barbeque party with a few of my friends. Maybe I'll post my birthday makup look too, if I do anything interesting. ;)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Palju palju palju palju palju õnne!!! :)

  2. Palju õnne!
    Vanust ei tea, aga igatahes on meil X aastat ja 1 kuu vahet :D

  3. Happy b-day! My guess is that you are 23 or 24? Looking forward to your b-day look ;)

  4. Palju õnne :)

  5. PaljuPalju Õnne!
    See lõhn on hästi hea, ekole ?
    Lil' M.