Saturday, May 7, 2011

Long time, now posts...


Sorry that I haven't written anything this week, I have been really busy with my school- had to do 2 presentations and right now I am in Tallinn AGAIN- third weekend in a row. This time the reason is my boyfriend's granfather's 80th birthday.
I forgot my camera home, so I can't show you my outfit nor makeup of the day.
On makeup mastery- I feel like I have been stuck on the same level and could use some courses. I'll see what can I do about that in summer, when I have more time. (not until 17th June- this year I have to "play doctor" for a month in 2 Estonian hospitals. (hahaa actually it is called clinical practice or smth.)
I am also in a bit of motivational crisis with bloggin now- I feel that I don't have anything special or fresh-new to write about. So if you have smth that you would like to know about or you can reccomend some products to try out, let me know in the comments below.

Here is one makeup look that I treid to do, but I really wasn't pleased with the result. My inspiration was Mila Kunis Oscar's 2011 look. This photo is not retouched, because I had to reinstall windows and now I have a little bit of hassle getiing photoshop back on and running.

Hope you have nice spring, I can't wait for summer. :D

Thank you for reading, Liz


  1. Mulle küll meeldib see meik!! Sulle sobib tumedam silmameik väga!

  2. See on meik tõesti väga ilus ja sobib sulle! ;)

  3. Suur aitäh teile! Ma üldiselt silmade alla midagi ei paiguta, aga tore kui teile meeldib ;)

  4. Kena meik! :) Aga kas sa õpid meditsiini??

  5. WOW! Ma respekteerin kõiki inimesi, kes arstiteadust õpivad. Ise tahtsin ka hambaarsti sisse saada, aga jah paraku.. Aga õendus on ka sama meeldiv. Jõudu ja jaksu sulle!