Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sigma F 80 alternative


Today I am going to compare Sigma f80 flat top kabuki brush and ELF studio powder brush. Sigma brush is part of their synthetic face kit, when you want to buy it separately, it costs 16$: Sigma f80 flat top kabuki. I won it from Charlene´s giveaway, you can check out her blog here:  I was really amazed by Sigma´s shipping time this time- it took only 5 days to get it from USA to Estonia.
ELF´s powder brush I bought by myself about 2 months ago and I really love this brush, it costs 3$ or 3.5£ or 4€, so it is a lot cheaper. ELF´s shipping is on the slower side- I understand that they get lots of orders, but 5 days just to get my package shipped is quite long. Regular waiting time is almost 3 weeks. (I am waiting for another package now, so you´ll know what to wait ;) )

So here is the cute package that I got from Sigma. (hahaa.. they always add the join our affiliate program thingy, I have already joined :P ) The brush is protected nicely with plastic brush protector and it had also bubble wrap around the gift bag.

Here you can see the size of Sigma F80- 16 cm or 4 inches long. Nice synthetic bristles, shedded a little bit, really soft. Just enough density for great foundation application.

Here are those two nice brushes next to each other. A picture describes it best. :D I just washed the ELF brush, so it is a little bit out of shape. ELF´s brush is about 1 cm longer and has thinner handle. Sigma brush seems more expensive to me - maybe the metal part gives it more value in my eyes. As I said- both are soft and felt exactly the same on my skin. Sigma´s brush is a little bit stiffer, so the bristles doesn´t bend so much when you are puffing in your liquid foundation.
So in conclusion, if you are on a budget, then you can defenitely buy ELF powder brush - it does the same work. ;) 
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  1. Yeeeeey so glad you received this and that you are enjoying it :) I have both too and love them both. I do love my Elf one for powder more though I think. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Btw that shiny metal ferrule will scratch mighty fast - I've learned to really appreciate dark ferrules by now :). EDM's flat top brush looks similar to F80 (bristle wise).