Sunday, July 17, 2011

New header and thank you to author!


As you may have noticed since yesterday I have a header on my blog.
I am very thankful to this talented girl:
You can find her contacts on her blog: I quess that she really had some hard time with me- 10 headers until I was satified with the result. At the moment she creates these headers for free, but you will have to be fast- at this tempo she will soon have no time for free work. :D

Here is examples of other headers that I liked and might use in the future:

And here are some temples that you can use on your sidebar if you want:

Thank you for reading!


  1. Ma vaatasin jah, et korraga on nii paljudel sama "käekirjaga" headerid ja templid tekkinud :) - kena töö. Peaks ka blogikujunduse põhjalikumalt ette võtma...

  2. Aga sa olid üle pika aja üks huvitav 'klient' ja seda ausalt. Hoopis põnevam väljakutse on mingit kindlat kujundust saavutada kui see et mulle vabad käed antakse :D