Friday, July 8, 2011

NYX slim lip pencils: swatches and review


Today I am going to do a post about lip pencils. As you may have noticed I am more into eye makeup and usually just add lipgloss to my lips. But to make my looks more complete I decided to order some lip pencils. I ordered 3 NYX slim lip pencils, because I have never had any bad experience with NYX- their products are quite cheap and good quality.
The ones that I chose were:
peekaboo pink- a neutral lip pencil, "your lips but better" type of color, matte.
pinky- bright darker pink color, matte
dolly pink- cool toned light cotton candy pink, matte
They stay on pretty well and the pigmentation is great too. Also there are 60!! colors to choose from, so I really had some difficulty to choose just 3. :P I paid 9,3$ for them, so one pencil was just 3,1$!
They are quite creamy and glide on easy. I recommend using chapstick or lip balm under these if you plan to wear them for a long time- they stll try a little bit. Just apply the lip balm about 20 minutes before because when you don't wait, lip pencils does not stick to the lips that well.

Do you use lip pencils? Which brands or colors are your favorite?
And if someone has any idea how to take better photos of lips, then please let me know- I am not pleased with my pictures.
Thank you for reading!


  1. Ma tahan dolly pink'i niiii vägaa :D

  2. hei, kas sa nii ei saaks teha, et su blogi avades avaneks ka mitu postitust? praegu näen ainult viimast, aga hullult mõnus oleks mitut postitust järjest lugeda. saan aru, kui sulle endale teisiti meeldib, see vist ongi tähtsam. :)

  3. Grete- aga telli ebayst või mujalt USA saidilt, nad pole ju üldse nii kallid ja usun, et su kit'is leiaks nad oma koha! ;)

    Anonymous- muutsin nüüd ära, asi polnud endale meeldimises, keegi polnud varem lihtsalt sellele tähelepanu juhtinud. Loodan, et nüüd on mugavam lugeda :D