Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Project in Turkey


As you may know I went to Turkiye last week. I wanted to share some pictures with you. I did not go there as a tourist, it was for a project. European union has nice funding options for different projects and fortunately they count Turkiye in. :) As a participant you have to pay only 30% of transport expenses, accomodation and food is free. I think that it is very nice opportunity to see the world for less. And I defenitely saw the real life, I did not do only sightseeing.
Unfortunately I did not buy any makeup, so no new posts in that field. I bought some t-shirts, some jewelry and that's it. If you really really want to see them, then let me know. :P
*The reason why I write Turkiye not Turkye is that turkish people do not like how it sounds- you know the bird that is eaten on thanksgiving. :)
 Smaller mosque in poor district.

 Very typical view in Kütahya, old ruins next to regular houses.

 View from my hotel window. 

 800 years old mosque in Kütahya. Really beautiful!

 Inside the Zeus temple. It was cold and damp down there, like in a cellar.

 Ancient Zeus temple in Aizanoi. 

 mmm.. turkish food. I will miss it!

 Traditional clothing with modern spin.

Traditional turkish black tea. 

You can see even more the pictures on my facebook page, here is link to it: Liz's Turkiye trip.

Thank you for reading!

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