Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quick haul from local supermarket


Today I picked up some things that I had run out of, so here they are:

These are suitable for normal to oily/combination skin type. I used to have a day cream from this line and it really suited me, so I tought I´ll give these a try. They cost around 5€.
Depend Cracked effect nail polish in White and turqoise/green. Price was around1.2€- they had sale on manicure supplies. I also picked up one nail polish remover from depend- of course adetone free.

Cils Demasq is great makeup remover for waterproof makeup. This one has 2 sides that you have to mix together by shaking the bottle before using- one is some kind of oil and the other one is toner. I cost 3,79€. My favorite type of makeup removers! (love the loreal one too, but this was a little bit cheaper).
Last thing was just a face wash and it cost 5,6 €. 

Thank you for reading! 

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