Friday, July 22, 2011

Sleek Oh So Special palette review & swatches


3 days ago I finally got my hands on Sleek palettes. As I mentioned in this post I ordered 2 palettes, so some time soon there is going to be review of the other palette too :) I have to mention that as far as I know the Oh so special palette is NOT LIMITED edition, but monaco palette is.

So now onto the review.
At first glance:
Size: Sleek palettes are smaller than I tought, a little bit bigger than NYX 10 color palettes, but sleek one's contain less product. I have nothing else to compare it to, so you'll just get the idea.
How much product?:  Sleek one contains 13,2 grams of product thats 1,1g per shadow. NYX one contains 14grams- thats 1,4g per one shadow. Shadow´s size is about the same as 5 eurocents.
Color selection: Colors seem to be really appropriate for everyday wear. Some shades are great for night out too.
Shadow finishes: There are 7 mattes and 5 metallic/frosty shades.

And now for the swatches, they are on the bare skin so NO PRIMER used! Just to let you see the real pigmentation. Matte shades were kind of hard to swatch especially the mail & bow. One exception was noir which is buttery matte black- OMG it is defenitely more pigmented than NYX black single eyeshadow.
Most pigmented color is glitz. If you like gift basket, then I have great dupe for it- middle color from NYX nude on nude palette- same finish, same color.

Where to get it and how much does it cost?
1. Sleek makeup´s homepage : 9€
2. Ebay: I got mine for 6,99£  (about 8€), but seems like the price has gone up quite a bit in 2 weeks. hmm.. lucky me, then! + SHIPPING about 2£
3. If you live in UK, the cheapest way is to buy this palette from Superdrug, I´ve heard that it costs 6.49£ there ;)
In conclusion:  I was not blown away by this palette altough it has some nice shadows. If you don´t own any neutral/everyday eyeshadows and you are on a budget, then go for it.My favorites were Glitz & Noir.
Grade: B ( I like this grading system, if you like it too and think I should continue doing it, let me know below!).

Thank you for reading!

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