Friday, August 5, 2011

My first french manicure

Last week I really felt bad about everything what's going on in my life right now and decided to something classical and cute. Painting my nails is therapeutic for me- that's why I do it! :) I know I am not best at it, but what counts is that I am pleased with this result.
What is french manicure?
French manicures are manicures designed to resemble natural nails, and are characterized by natural pink base nails with white tips. The tips of the nails are painted white while the rest of the nails are polished in a pink or a suitable nude shade. French manicures may have originated in eighteenth-century Paris and were popular in the 1920s and 1930s. (source: wikipedia)
What I used to get this look?

For this manicure I used ORLY French manicure Kit in Pink. In this kit the base color is nice creamy pinkish beige color- I chose this kit because I have quite cool skin tone and just beige does not really suit me. Bottles are 7.4 ml - so that's not really a mini bottle, I would say that it is midi or smth. This set also contains stickers that help you achieve perfect french manicure. 
Where to get ORLY french manicure kit? 
This kit costs around 12$. I ordered mine from quite some time ago, just did not find inspiration to use it until now. :) Most of my nail polishes are from, because they have great selection and shipping is not THAT bad either :) Also, they have great customer service - if you have small special wishes.
In Estonia: you can find ORLY polishes in stockmann department store or buy one from here: Unfortunately I can't guarantee that they have this particular kit in stock. 
But as always you don't have to use a french manicure kit- just take one bare/natural nail polish and one white polish and you are good to go. For the flowers- one darker pink and one lighter pink nail polsih and for painting you can use a toothpick too if you don't own any nail art brushes. 
How to get this look?
I started of with my regular base coat- OPI Nail Envy. Altough the set contains ORLY bonder I prefer that my nails stay long- regular base coat does not keep my nails strong enough. I know, I tested it- one week I used just ORLY bonder underneath my nail polsih and I lost 2 nails.
Then I painted my nails with pink nail polish from the kit. Maybe you can get away with just one coat, but I like when nail polish is really opaque so I used 2 coats. Some tutorials tell you to paint on the tip part first and then the pink color.
Now I used white polish from this kit to paint on the tips. If you want more natural result then use creamy white. Painting the tips is easier when you turn your finger and let the polish slide on. I used second coat too.
For flowers on my ring finger and thumb I used ORLY coquette cutie & china glaze something sweet and nail art brush. I added some mini pearls too, but that was bad idea, because they did not stay on really well and left ugly gaps on nail polsih when they came off. 
Thank you for reading!