Friday, August 12, 2011

Top 5 posts on my blog (excluding giveaways)


I was just checking my blog stats and it was really interesting at least for me to see which blog posts are most popular.
Few tips before I start:
Always think very carefully what the names of the picture fails are, BEFORE you upload them.
Write something that you youself are really interested in.
Always, always be honest! - no matter the consequences. I got some really hateful comments, but haters gonna hate and life goes on!
Try to read other beauty blogs, leave comments if you have something to say. Don't just leave comments because you want to promote your blog.

1. How to thin out nail polish and correct storing.
OMG most popular post - when I tried to use google search for phrase: "thin out nail polish" My blog post was the 6th search result! Talking about impact :P

2. Makeup store haul
A little DRAMA always gets attention, what else to say.

3. NYX slide on eye pencils
I got these products pretty early, they had been out maybe a month or so, that's why I have got so many hits on this post.

4. ELF mineral kabuki brush vs studio kabuki brush
I always find comparisons interesting, I guess I am not the only one! :)

5. Nubar 2010 nail polish- sally hansen hidden treasure dupe
Yeah, my pretty readers are always searching for dupes (that means products similar to one another).

Posts to come in near future:
Sleek Monaco palette
Small ELF haul (hope to get this up, BEFORE I get the 50% off package)
NOTD feat China glaze strawberry fields and cute bows.
Fall 2011 nail polish collection series (just promotional pictures, not swatches - sorry!)
I promise I'll do more makeup looks when autumn comes-  I have more occasions to look pretty for!

Enjoy the last month of this summer, my lectures start in 3 weeks. Can't belive it- already 5th year ;)

Thank you for reading!

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