Thursday, September 22, 2011



Sorry for the absent blogging, I feel that a TON of new beauty bloggers have emerged during summer and so my posts seem more pointless to me. Maybe I should just blog with my eyes closed and not think about that everybody has already talked/wrote about that topic I am planning to write about. Please let me know what you think. Should I keep blogging or is it time to move on and dedicate more time to my studies. My seminars and practical work start next week with Psychiarty.
I want to post beautiful and accurate photos, but I am in desperate need of new camera and maybe white light box to improve the quality. haha perfectionist, I know but my window sill is too dark and gloomy in the winter.
Second reason is that I don't really use that much makeup and buying tons of it just for swatching - men, I have better to do with my money. Every time I show someone my 2 bags full of makeup they go: do you really use it all? And I must confess that I really don't. I have always said that I don't wear makeup on daily basis and that won't change in the near future.
I am planning a blog sale- must take photos of some more things. Mostly ELF products that really does not work for me, mainly color wise so they are perfectly good maybe for someone else. At the moment I am planning to ship only to Estonia, because ELF is quite widely available worldwide and it would be waste of money if you live in USA where it is 1$ per piece instead of 1,8€ (on the site it says 1,7€, but it depends on currency and as you know this does change a bit in time).

Some quote pics I have found recently and wanted to share with you, my dear readers.
Reminer for myself. :D I have to relax more.
Yep, so true If I would let everything bad, I mean a lot of bad into my mind, than I could not be happy at all. 

Small blog with 156 followers is succsess, right?

 Yes, I belive in everything and I am proud of it!

Thank you for reading my rambling. Hope it was not too bad!


  1. Cute post !

    The Bitch Please one is read in my mind by a fabulous but catty drag queen lol...

    Oh, I found your site by looking for nail polish thinners ~ I clicked on your header to see your other posts & thought they were cute.

  2. Thnak you and LOL at drag queen :D I tought that I whine too much on pointless reasons. :D

  3. Palun ära katkesta blogimist! Mulle väga meeldis see, mis sa ütlsid kuskil (FB-s vist), et hädasti oleks vaja blogisid, mida viitsiks lugeda ka üle 30sed naised. Noh, mina olen üle 30ne ja loen sinu blogi huviga.... Eestikeelseid blogisid, mis mulle huvi pakuvad, on üldse mingi 3-4, oleks kahju, kui üks kaoks.

    Et keegi juba on samal teemal kirjutanud -- mis siis, mind huvitab sinu arvamus asjast ka.

    Edu õpingutes!

  4. Aitäh, tolmu rull, sa oled olnud mu ustav järgija juba üsna algusest peale :) Eks ma siis üritan ikka kirjutada, aga kardan, et see käib hooti - praegu tuli hoog õnneks peale jälle. :D

  5. Sinu blogi on üks kahest, mida ma üldse viitsin lugeda. Ära järgi küll jäta! Mind absoluutselt ei huvita, mida teised antud teemast on kirjutanud.Ma niikuinii ei loe kümneid blogisid, et samast teemast kirjutamine oleks minu jaoks kordus või igav... loen sinu blogi, sest see on huvitav.

    Igaljuhul, osa asju maha müüa on ju väga hea mõte ja ehk saab kuidagi selle profikaamera ja valgustuse ostmisti ka edasi lükata ja vaikselt koguda selleks?

    Õpingutele peab kindlasti keskenduma, kuid väike meigiblogi võiks ju olla see värskendavo hobi seal raske töö vahepeal :)

  6. Tegelikult ei ole algusest peale, ma arvan, et avastasin su blogi mingi giveaway tõttu. No ja ma võitsin, aga ei saanud auhinda, sest olin liiga hõivatud Türgis puhkamise ja küünelakkide ostmisega :P

    Pärast seda olen tõesti huviga jälginud, sest üldiselt ma pean lugu inimestest, kes muu hulgas ka õigekirjale rõhku panevad :P

  7. i know i'm commenting on an old post, but i was just looking through my blog roll and came across yours ... and sometimes i feel the same way ... all of a sudden there's a ton of new beauty bloggers, who take way better pics and have photoshop, hence they can make their pics so much better looking ... then i feel like my blogs and pics are crap! ... but i think small blogs are more fun, you don't feel pressure or feel like your have to meet certain expectations from a gazillion readers ... so i think we're lucky :-D keep on bloggin!