Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beauty word 2011


Just a quick post showing you this year's Estonian biggest beauty related trade show in Tallinn on 8th October. Last year they had over 16 000 visitors, I think this year's number is even bigger. All the photos are taken by me, using my old and huge Canon S2 camera. I wanted to bring the fair to my readers in more detail, but yeah, I need better camera for that.
What they say about it:
15th International Trade Fair of Cosmetics, Hairdressing, Fitness, Fashion and BijouteriMAIN TOPICS
• skin care products
• decorative cosmetics
• perfumery
• hair care products
• cosmetology and plastic surgery
• style analyses
• lingerie
• jewellery and fashion accessories
• equipment for beauty salons
• solariums
• optics
• education
• publishing
• wellness-products

 Main entrance  at 1 p.m.
Stair that takes to main entrance. On the posters:
1. almost 700 brands
2. over 200 companies
ant other stuff that is not so important, no actual facts that needs to be translated.

Main hall was very crowded at 3 p.m.
Second hall: jewelry, clothes, acessories. etc random stuff :D
 Winners of Juniors makeup competition - third place on the left, second place in the middle and first place in the right. As you can tell, young women in pink dress is pregnant and she was pretty emotinal about second place- tears of joy - I thought that it was so cute :)

Next pictures are from a small exhibition about Estonian hair tools history. Curator is Kätlin Leokin who have reasearched beauty history for 6 years. She gave me her card too with her blog adress, but I am so sorry to say that I lost it.  I really wanted to share her blog with you all. I found it: But I must warn you - it is in Estonian. 

This is not some kind of torture device - it was used in 1940s to get curls in hair, they used electricity to achieve ideal curls. The amount depended on your hair structure.
These are hair dryers for salons, the designer was Eduard Hansum. Machine on the right side was his first step to our known hair dryer.
Hair dryer for home usage and some products from Soviet times. 
 Dinair airbrush system is now in Estonia. They offered makeup & hair tattoos for 5€.
 View from Pirita road to city centre. I spent 4,5 hours there, walking around alone. :D But I did not mind- my confidence had grown so much that I find speaking to strangers enjoyable. :D I bugged Grete two times when walking around, hope she did not mind. :) She did some nice makeups in cocos booth. 
 And here is my small haul from beauty word.
1. Joico k-pak deep intense hydrator - 12€ Nice hydrating hair mask for winter months. I have tried it before and I truly love it. :) Bottle is quite big - 250ml.
2. ORLY nail polish in LUXE - 6,5 €  (If you want ORLY polishes in Estonia, then Diariss OÜ sells them) I really wanted to buy ORLY Fowl play too, but even the mini version was sold out.. so sad.
3. China glaze nail polish in nude 4,5€ (china glaze and tweezerman + theBalm & BYS are sold by Beauty pro in Estonia) Regular price for nail polishes is 5,43€.
4. China glaze nail polish in concerete catwalk 4,5€ (metro collection)
5. China glaze nail polish in  westside warrior 4,5€(metro collection)
6. Tweezerman mini tweezers - 5€ - there was not really big color choice so I picked up them in pink.
7. Bellapierre mineral powder foundation in tone number 2 Ivory. 34€ (regular price is 38€), sooo expensive for my student wallet, but when I let them to my makeup with it I was turned and had to buy it. Natural ingredients for natural and flawless finish. :) I would say that this products has medium covarage. I hope that since i don't wear makeup every day I can have the same powder for 2 years. :D

Yes, I am quilty, I bought too many nail polishes AGAIN. But I could not resist.
I thought about buying trendsetter also, I loved the swatch pictures, but when I saw it on the nail wheel and tried to match it with my skin it looked plain ugly. Yep, I have to agree with other bloggers that you eiter love or hate this color.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Ma nägin sind seal, mõtlesin, kas tulla ehmatama, või mitte. Ja siis otsustasin, et see oleks äkki natuke imelik olnud. Ostsin endale ka concrete catwalki, kuigi mitte messilt, unikaalne hall, olen täiega armunud. Sa neid China Glaze Metal Crackle'eid ei tahtnud proovida?

  2. Kas sa kandsid midagi sinist ja seal peal musta? Kui ja, siis ma nägin sind vist üleval kohvikus :)

  3. J-M: ei oleks imelik olnud, ma arvan :D Ma kirjutasin ka, et mul on üks China Glaze'i crackle juba, sellepärast ei hakanud neid rohkem juurde ostma, st et olen seda juba proovinud.

    Getsu.: ei kandnud sinist ja musta, aga korraks üleval käisin küll. Sealt oli hea vaade peahallile.

  4. Üritus kuhu ma väga väga minna tahtsin, aga kahjuks kõike head korraga ei saa.

  5. Miss L: Ma usun, et sul on/oli puhkusel veel mõnusam. Neid ilutooteid saab muul ajal ka kokku osta, sest see ürituse pool oli sellel aastal nõrgem kui varem.