Sunday, October 30, 2011

NOTD feat China glaze Westside warrior & Tarnished gold


I always start: here is just a quick review... so this post is no exception. Today I am showing you China Glaze westside warrior from Fall 2011 Metro collection and tarnsihed gold from china glaze metal crackles collection. Both of these I bought from Estonian Beauty Trade Show for 4,5€ a piece (beautypro sells them ;))
First of all:
Westside warrior is REALLY pigmented nail polish, on the NOTD photo I have 2 coats- second one was just to even out some patches, but if your application skills are better than mine, one will be enough! Formula is quite wet and I tend to get too much of product on my brush. Color is pretty unique and defenitely suitable for autumn months. Reminds me of military and paintball. Staying power is good, on third day I have few minor chips and a little bit of tip wear.
Tarnished gold is really pretty metallic crackle. Cracking was quick and it has stayed nicely on my nails, tough I did not add top coat over it. I used top coat over the base layer to make it dry more quickly, because you CAN'T ever add crackle polish over a little bit of wet base color- that equals failure. 

Westside warrior on the left and Tarnished gold on the right. I did not add nail wheel swatches, because tarnished gold did not crack on plastic, but it cracks perfectly on natural nail. 

I combined cute gold bows with very strong manly green. Can't stop staring at my fingers. :D 
Photo is taken in daylight, without flash. 
Here are all the products that I used: 
Basecoat: Nail Envy by OPI
Base colour: Westside warrior by China Glaze
Bow color for stamping: 2030 by China Glaze
Crackle effect on thumb and ring finger: Tarnished Gold by China Glaze
Top coat: Poshe top coat (it dries polish as quickly as seche vite and has not become too thick to use yet, at that stage seche was unusable!)

Image plate that I used: middle bows - bigger bow for my 2nd and 3rd fingernail and smaller bow for my pinky. 

Thank you for reading and let me know what you think about this nail design!


  1. Hullult armas maniküür :)

  2. Ilus, ma kujutan seda tumelillaga ka ette, võiksid proovida :)