Thursday, October 20, 2011

ORLY Luxe review & swatches

Just a quick review showing you very pretty nail polish called Luxe from ORLY. This was released in spring 2010 with Foil FX collection. 
So here it goes:
- really pigmented: needed 2 coats for total opacity, if you don´t mind a little bit of uneveness, then you can get away with just one coat. (uneveness comes from the fact that this polish is really made up of small metallic glitter particles)
- nice gold color:  just perfect gold - not too warm. I think that it can work for many skintones. 
- is it like minx nails?  no, I don´t think that it really is like minx nails, altough from far it may fool someone, but minx is even more foil like and reflective. 
- formula: did not have any problems with that, just perfect. Some have said that it runs on the thin side.
- ingredients: like most of today´s nailpolishes ORLY is 3-free. yay, thumbs up for that!
staying power:  start chipping on my nails on the 3rd day, but since it is so reflective the flaws are not so noticeable.
- bottle: nice size 15 ml/0.6 fl oz. Love the rubberized cap- easy to open.
- dupes: I did my reasearch and found out that good dupes are:
1. China Glaze Midnight Kiss from 2010 holiday collection
2. Jessica Palladium
- This polish has been marked as best beauty product by Estonian Cosmopolitan magazine. 
- where I got it?  I bought it from Estonias biggest and in my opinion only Beauty trade show 2 weeks ago from Diariss. I have heard that ORLY is sold in Stockmann too. Price is around 8-9€ I think, but I really don´t know regular price, trade show price was 6,5€.   
 3 coats, in direct sunlight. (I added one coat, because I took this picture on the 3rd day of wearing this)

A few hours after application. I forgot to take the close up pictures. 
I know that I will get questions about my lip color and so I will write the products I used here: NYX dolly pink lip pencil + NYX lip color from nude on nude palette (the 9 color version). I topped it off with ELF liquid lucious lip color in perfect pink, because NYX lipcolor alone seemed to be quite dry so it showed the cracks and dryness on my lips that I was not there before. 
Fingers- birth defect(vascular malformation) not a burn, I am not ashemed of it, because most people don´t even see it :) I have posted many nail of the days and if you look really closely you can see it there too. 

Conclusion:  I defenitely LOVE this polish and don´t regret buying it :)

What do you think of this polish? Do you like the foil effect? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. see küünelakk näeb väga kena ja lahe välja! Kindlasti on tegu ühe sellise lakiga mida isegi lähitulevikus proovida tahaksin!

  2. viimase pildi peal näed minu arvates kohe eriti ilus välja! :)

  3. Millest sul käsi selline natuke lillakate plekkidega on, oled uurinud? Mul on parema käe väikesel sõrmel midagi taolist, ainult et õrnemalt. Tahaks teada ka mis see on ja millest see tekkinud on. Aga küünelakk on väga kift ja kui kunagi midagi rohkem kuldsemat selga peaksin panema, siis kindlasti võtaks selle küünelaki ka käiku :)

  4. Kadi- kõige lõpus väiksemas kirjas on ka inglise keeles selgitus, aga eks ma vastan siis ka eesti keeles. Tegemist on kaasasündinud veresoonte defektiga, päris hemangioom ei ole, aga midagi sellelaadset küll. Google annab enamvähem sarnase vastuse kui otsida port wine stains vms. Sisuliselt ongi tegemist pealmises naha kihis olevate veresoonte rohkenemisega, mingit sõrmede funktsioonihäiret mul pole. Ise teen enda kulul musta huumorit ka aegajalt: Õpin arstiks, sest siis saan kummikindaid kanda ja keegi ei näe :D Üldiselt igapäevaelus seda tõesti ei märgata, heaks näiteks oli mu algklassijuhataja, kes küsis selle kohta alles siis kui oli mind juba 3a õpetanud.
    Miss L ja anonüümne- aitäh.

  5. Hästi ilus lakk, mulle nii meeldib foil-finish.