Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 10 halloween looks


I just wanted to share some halloween looks by youtube beauty gurus, which I especially like. There will be 10, because I like the variety, altough they wont be in any special order. Uhh I love the creepy ones, IF I am ever going to learn professional makeup, then I really really want to learn special effects too. Just regular makeup might be too boring for me. Plus, knowing different tehniques really helps to get some jobs in Estonia. Yep, small country has it's minuses - you have to be really really good to get anywhere.

In Estonian: Jagan teiega 10t üliägedat halloweeni looki. Nii kahju, et Eestis selle tähistamine väga levinud ei ole. Miks mulle need rõvedad asjad meeldivad, ei tea, aga tean, et KUI ma kunagi peaks jumestamist õppima, siis kindlasti õpiks eriefekte ka tegema! Nii põnev ala! Nö tavajumestaja töö jääks minu jaoks arvatavasti lahjaks- kaksik, nagu ma olen, pidevalt otsin vaheldust. :D Nad ei ole tegelikult paremusjärjestuses, lihtsalt selles järjekorras, nagu meelde tulid. :) 

1. Goldiestarling: Evil doll look

2. Klaire de Lys art: zombie hag look

3. Goldiestarling: rotting Pam from True blood

4.Sokolum79: Evil clown look
Cute cat- scream- evil clown: I have warned you!
"Obviously, if you want to look cute at the club, this is defenitely not the look for you!"

5. Queenbeeuty: pixie makeup & costume
"The costume took me about 20ish hours to make, but I think that it is defenitely worth it, because it is one of a kind and really cute and pixie looking." Could not agree more with her. Makeup and hair part is pretty simple and I love how unique her costume is!

6.Nic from pixiwoo: Corpse bride tutorial
I have not seen Corpse bride, but after watching this tutorial I really want to see it!

7. EbruZa: Jigsaw Billy
This on is in Deutch, but since she talks only in the beginning of this video, then I think that ti is okay to watch.

8. Petrilude: leopard mask tutorial
Step up from your regular kitty costume ;)

9. Jessica Harlow: Jessica Rabbit look
 This look screams sexy at your face! :)

10.Jessica Harlow: Sexy vampire
Another tutorial inspired by true blood series, yeah.

Hope you liked this selection, thank you for reading as always! I think I covered most of the classic halloween looks :)


  1. I love them all! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Hahaha I posted my top 10 yesterday, just saw yours! So funny, we got 2 videos in common, and I was so wanting to put your 3rd too... Grr they are so many great haloween tutorials, it's so hard to choose!!! Great job on your list, sweetie!