Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beauty Bloggers are Bizarre TAG


So Lily from Beautys Bad Habit blog posted a list of weird habits that most beauty bloggers do. You can find her post here:
One of Estonian beauty bloggers turned it into a TAG, you are supposed to read the original post and then write down points that you really happen to do as a beauty blogger. 

So I am guilty of:
1. We buy stuff just to blog. 
Since I really don´t wear much makeup daily, I don´t really need another eyeshadow- eyeshadows are my guilty pleasure. Another thing are nail polishes, I can´t wear them daily because I study medicine and it is not sanitary nor ethical to paint your nails. 
I think that in last year I have wasted more money on cosmetics and nail polishes than on clothes. I hate shopping for clothes and therefore I don´t post any OFTD, because my wardrobe is very limited.
Here is just an old photo of my nailpolish drawer, at the moment there are even more polishes.  I had to remove tha metal box. 

3. Time management? What is that?
Actually I never exactly plan how much I will dedicate to writing my blog, but I defenitely take time for blogging out of my time meant for studying. At the moment I should read about psychiatric medications- I got exam tomorrow, but writing this TAG is so much more fun. :D

4. We don't need sleep. 
Yeah, I have written a post in the night. 

5. We obsess over light. 
Since one of my favorite things is swatching I really want to catch the precious daylight that we have less and less during this time of the year. Must get myself a lightbox or however it is called to not be so dependent on natural light. Sometimes I have not swatched something because it is too cloudy and dark. 

7. We know things we shouldn't know.
Guilty, sometimes it is hard to understand why people who work at beauty stores even work there if they don´t know anything about their products. Is just being pretty enough? Aother thing that disturbs me is that often selling ladies now only about their own company, but I like comparisons WHY I really should choose their products. Lines like we just are the best are not really convincing me anymore. 

9. We get excited over silly things. 
For regular people beauty products are just another thing that you buy from time to time, but sometimes I get overly excited when I hear that some collection is released. (right now I am thinking about OPI muppets collection - hell I have not seen The Sesame street and I am still obsessed.)

11. We think how we write.
When swatching/applying makeup I tend to think how to describe it, what are the right words. I have been blogging about 10 months now, so I am quite new to the industry. 

12. It might stain, but I'm swatching it anyway.
Yep done it, if it really stains you can always pull your shirt sleeve over it, right? But yes, sometimes I go to a beauty store just to swatch something new. 

15. We are hoarders.
I should just insert a picture of my makeup collection here and that explains it all.  Since I don´t have a vanity table and keep my makeup in couple of train case bags I´ll skip the photos at the moment.  

16. Nothing is useable until photographed.
I don´t do it every single time, but recently you may have seen more virgin products on my photos. 

17. We have a folder of photos of...ourselves.
In the past I defenitely had more photograps f toher people too, but not now. Now I am the queen of my photos. :D You just have to take 100 photos of the same look, maybe with tiny differences that only you notice. 

18. We're weird and proud. Admit it - you've just been nodding and chuckling to yourself the whole way through this post!
Yes, I have! And I am truly happy that I am not he only one :D 

I would like to hear answers from Grete: G-reveals, Kätlin: k2tlinvaarend, Liina: and Margit:
I just have to mention for the future, that today I hit the 50000 views line :D 

Thank you for reading and I hope you find this new TAG interesting! :D 


  1. Mmm ma olen näinud nii arste kui õdesid, kellel on küüned lakitud. Mustamäe haiglas on isegi üks veidi gooti stiilis õde(? maitea, kannab rohelisi või siniseid scrubse), kellel on piercingud. Seleta veits seda küünelaki teemat, palun :D

  2. Scrubside värv on osakonniti erinev ;) intensiivravis on üldiselt tumedamad, tartus vist tumesinised, opiblokis rohelised jne.
    Küünelaki kandmine sõltub ka osakonnast, kui on ikkagi vähegi kirurgilisem osakond, siis ei ole küünelakk nakkuste edasikandumise tõttu lubatud. Uuringud on näidanud, et 24h tekivad lakki mikropraod ja sealt ei saa kuidagi baktereid/viiruseid kätte - noh nii et tegelikult kui iga õhtu viitsiks küüsi lakkida siis isegi ju võiks, aga kellel seda aega on.
    Eetika- haiglas on haiged inimesed ja mingit ilueedit seal mängida lihtsalt ei maksa.