Monday, November 28, 2011

Urban Decay naked vs NYX Nude on Nude

Today I am going to compare Naked palette by urban decay and NYX Nude on Nude natural look kit. Both are good neutral palettes for every day use. Naked is the holy grail in beauty world, so does NYX have anything  to give against it. NYX Nude on Nude is bought from ebay, at least a year ago, I remember taking a picture when I got it, but unfortunately I could not find it, so you will see dirty used palette- sorry about that. 

Size comparison: NYX is tiny, good handbag siz or great for travel. Also I kind of hate Naked palette velvet  exterior and the sticker on the back side is ugly. 
Urban Decay palette comes with 12 full sized eyeshadows, a brush and a mirror + mini size primer potion. Price is around 50$. 
 Nude on nude palette had 9 eyeshadows, 2 lipcolors(you can slide them out beneath the eyeshadows), a mirror and 2 applicators (one was lip brush!). Mine cost me 13$ with shipping.
 So as you can see they are not definitely dupes, there are some similar shades, but some are very different. Urban Decay palette has a bit better pigmentation and the shadows feel silky and buttery. NYX has decent pigmentation and the shadows feel nice. I like that the NYX palette comes with matte highlighter (haah, you can see how much I love it above). But Naked palette does come with a black eyeshadow. So I feel that naked palette gives more variety of colors, therefore you can create more versatile looks with it. 
NYX  eyeshadows seem more warm toned to me. 

BONUS: I chose the most similar shades and applied the same way -  without any primer, with fingers.  Colors used are makrked with numbers for NYX and names for Urban Decay. 

So in conclusion both are good palettes and if you are on a budget, NYX nude on nude palette is good option.

Thank you for reading!


In Estonian:
Täna näete siis kaua aega tagasi lubatud NYX nude on nude paleti ja Urban decay naked paleti võrdlust. Mõlemad on head igapäevased paletid neutraalsete värvidega, kuid kindlasti ei ole nad täpselt samad ehk dupe´id (ilumaailma keeles odavam asendus enamasti). Mõlemal on hea pigment, kuid tekstuuris tuleb suur vahe. Naked paleti lauvärvid on kreemjad, katsudes justkui või ja sama pigmendi saamiseks laul kulub värvi vähem. Kui teil rahaga priisata pole, siis ma ostaks hea meelega NYXi paleti, lisaks lauvärvidele on seal ka 2 huulevärvi (pigem huulepulga laadsed kui lihtsalt läiked). Naked paleti eest maksin ma 37£ ehk u 52$, NYX paleti tellisin u 1,5 aastat tagasi ebayst ja maksis ta vist koos saatmisega 13$ (ärge maha lööge, kui ma hinda õigesti ei mäleta. :D )
Silmapildil üritasin kasutada kõige sarnasemaid toone, ilma igasuguse aluseta(primerita), värvid kandsin peale näpuga- lihtsalt, et näidata, et ka see on võimalik, kuigi pintsliga on kordades mugavam ja hügieenilisem. 


  1. Arielle ThibodeauxMonday, November 28, 2011

    The E.L.F beautybook neutral eye edition is a perfect dupe for the Naked palette and it's only $5!

  2. Thank you for letting me know, but first- ELF is much more expensive where I live (6,99£ + shipping). Secondly, if the quality is anything like elf birghtening eye quads, then I won't like it. But yes, I do know that ELF is dirt cheap :D

  3. Hey new follower from Monday beauties. I would love a follow back

  4. I love these colors! I really don't have a lot of UrbanDecay products but I will HAVE to try this eyeshadow! :)

  5. And now there is a new holy grail, NAKED 2, impossible to find right now as it sells out immediately when new stock becomes available.,default,pd.html?start=1&cgid=9999&prefn1=isNewDisplay&prefv1=true

  6. Yes, I know about naked 2, but I am not even sure if I want to buy it. Since I live in Europe, Estonia, I can´t get my hands on the new naked palette until the end of January or smth.

  7. That's too bad that it is more expensive....ELF can be hit or miss I will admit that

  8. Yes, I have now swatched ELF beauty book's smokey edition. Yes, the pigmentation was decent, but the texture was like rubber not like butter, very strange feeling.

  9. Thank you! Defenitely will check out your blog!

  10. Yes, I really recommend this palette ot naked 2 if you like cooler tones (but you will have to wait a little bit, because it sells out like crazy at the moment).

  11. I do think the texture of it is quite different than Urban Decay and that's exactly why you pay the premium for UD. I find myself reaching for the UD Naked more than the ELF but for people who can't afford it at least there are alternatives! :)