Friday, April 29, 2011

FOTD: Colorful purples


Today I am going to post a look that I did 2 weeks ago (hahaa.. I know I can´t name it face of the day). I went out with my mother, mother-in-law, my boyfriend and his sister. We went to theater Vanemuine and saw a piece called Mister Amilcar.

For the products- usual stuff. I did the makeup before and then added handmade jewelry. Fortunately, the colors matched really well. :)

Loreal true match foundation- C2 Rose vanilla.ELF mineral booster in sheer 
countouring- ELF pressed powder in caramel
blush: NYX blush in pinched and a little bit of ELF blush in Pink Passion 

ELF mineral eye primer
NYX Velvet Rope palette
I also used my 120 palette  (maybe the bright pink was from there)
Loreal lineur intense liquid eyeliner
Loreal voluminous mascara in blackest black
ELF brow kit in light

NYX round lipgloss in amethyst

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My most used makeup brushes


Makeup brushes are essential part of my makeup collection. Of course you can apply eyeshadows with fingers or lipstick straight from the tube, but using makeup brushes makes the application so much easier and more precise. So here is some brushes that I use on daily basis- well those days that I find time and inspiration to do my makeup. :D (or when I really need to cover up the fact that I have only slept a few hours).

Brushes will be mentioned in the order that I use them on my face.

Firstly, I apply my moisturizer(or day cream)- I do not really use ELF´s mineral infused face primer that much- I don´t like the consitency nor the smell. I just use my fingers for this step.

Secondly, I apply my foundation- right now I am using loreal true match liquid foundation. I use ELF´s flat top powder brush for this. I just stipple my foundation on. It is incredibly soft and has just enough stiffness do work perfectly for that purpose. It has started to shed just a little bit, but it doesn´t shed like crazy, so you don´t need to pick loose hairs off your face after you are done using this.

Thirdly, I apply my undereye concealer or regular concealer if I have breakouts (which I rarely do, thank god for that). I have quite dark & bluish undereyes and my lid area is defenitely darker than the rest of my face, so I apply my undereye concealer on the lids too. I just use my fingers again.

Fourth step is usually setting my concealer and foundation - I use ELF mineral booster and I apply it with ELF studio kabuki brush. Again, very soft brush, but it has lost it´s shape a little bit (that is my own fault, because I keep it in my makeup bag and other items just smash it a little bit).
So now I move on to my eye makeup, I usually apply blush and bronzer/contour later, because I might have some fallout and then it is easier to clean up. Under the eyeshadows I use NYX jumbo pencils(I am going to add a review on them soon, with swatches!), which I apply with my fingers or ELF mineral eyelid primer, both work fine. Most of the time I use my NYX palettes or 120 palette, I still have not really tried out ELF Brightening eye color quads.

So my most used eye brushes are: (I use one pink flat shaped brush too which I got with my 120 palette as a free gift, but I don´t have any pictures of it).

For blending I use also one brush from ebay set- the middle brush with red handle below.
For gel eyeliner I use the red handle brush what is most below one on that picture.

For my eyebrows I just use the brush that came with ELF studio brow kit.

So now when I am done with my eyes I apply my countour with ELF´s flat top powder brush again (I have 2  :D) - I usually use ELF studio pressed powder in caramel. When I use bronzer, then I use the biggest red handle brush you can see below.
For blush application I use one random, and quite small blush brush from brush set that I got from ebay. This brush sheds like crazy, but I don´t have any better brushes to user so I just have to accept it.

Lips: hahaa my least favorite. I have only one lip brush from ebay set mentioned above and I don´t really like to use it. I just aplly lipstick or lipgloss straight from the tube. :D

What do you use to apply your makeup? What is your favorite makeup brush or brush brand?

Thank you for reading,

Monday, April 25, 2011

NOTD: Easter chicks


So here is a picture of my easter nail art that I did this year. Sorry for not posting it earlier, I was not home this weekend.

Here is the product list:
Yellow- China Glaze Lemon Fizz (really pretty pale cool toned yellow)
White- OPI Alpine snow
Black- China Glaze Ink nail art polish
orange- ORLY Old school orange

I got my inspiration here:

As always, thank you for reading!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easy Easter nail art design


I am just going to post a picture of nail art design that I wore last year. I used 5 different pastel colors, a toothpick to make the dots and you'll also need bast and top coat as usual. Nothing too hard to do, but the final result is cute, like nicely decorated easter eggs. :D

 Please excuse me, that my cuticles are not perfect- I used to take pictures before final cleanup, last year.

In case you are really interested in the names of the polishes: (but you can use any other colors you like :) )
Yellow: China Glaze Happy go Lucky
Blue: China Glaze For Audrey
Pink: China Glaze Strawberry fields
Green: OPI gargantuan green grape
Orange/peach: China Glaze Peachy Keen

Do you do special manicure on different occasions or do you like classical manicure (french, red etc)? As you already may have noticed I really like to experiment with my nails :D

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I just wanted to share this video with you, because I really think that there's a point in his video. :) Just a little tip for better blush application- maybe you already knew that, but maybe it is totally new information for you.
Fortunately, maybe subconcioously, I have applied my blush on my cheekbones- I mainly use NYX blush in pinched which is shimmery blush, so it highlights my face too.

NOTD: Delicate pastels


Another weekend manicure :D Pastel colors are always suitable for spring, flower pattern is done with fake konad image plate m63. Hahaa.. my boyfirend asked why one of my nails is bare- I told him that it is called accent nail :D Accent nail is usually 4th finger or thumb and it is designed differently than other nails. But I actually wanted to use more color than one, because I have so many nail polishes.. lol. :D
Here are products I used to create this nail art design. (I also used a toothpick to make dots)

Light green is China Glaze Refresh mint.
Light pink is China Glaze Something sweet.
Gold is china glaze 2030.

What do you think of this design? Would you wear something like this?

Thank you for reading!

Monday, April 18, 2011

What I bought from OSTURALLI, in Estonian!

Hello! Sorry this post is going to be in Estonian, because Osturalli is just discount week in Estonain mall.

Nagu üsna paljud teavad, siis eelmisel nädalal(hahaa nüüd juba üle-eelmisel, vabandust, et nii kaua viivitasin). oli Tallinna ja Tartu Kaubamajas osturalli. Suurt hunnikut kraami ma kokku ei krahmanud- minu saagiks oli 3 iluteemalist toodet.

Esiteks GOSH huulepulk toon peach, hind oli 3€ ja ostsin, kuna sellel kevadel on moes oranžikamad huulevärvid. Väga pigmenteeritud see toode kahjuks pole ja huultel meenutab ta pigem huuleläiget kui - pulka ,seda siis nii värvilt kui ka püsivuselt.

 Hahaa.. nagu näete, siis pakend jätab soovida, nö metallkorpus ei ole piisavalt tugevalt liimitud ja käib ära- segab natuke ka avamisel.
 Teine toode, mille ostsin on GOSH musta värvi silmapliiats, samamoodi oli hinnaks 3€. Hea pigmendiga kui kanda ülalaule, kuid nö waterline'ile kandes jääb siiski pigem tumehall kui tõeliselt must. Ülalual püsib hästi, kuid vaatamata kirjale waterproof kadus ta mu waterline'ilt 1-2 tunniga. Ühesõnaga kui te oma silmade limaskesti nagunii joonida ei soovi, siis on hea toode küll selle hinna eest. Tekstuurilt on pehme, üsna kerge oli joont tõmmata.
Kolmas toode, mille seekordselt osturallilt soetasin on Loreal True Match jumestuskreem, tooniks seekord c2 ehk vanilla rose. Ostsin, sest olen varasemalt true match jumestuskreeme kasutanud ja meeldis, kuna toode on hea katvusega. Hind oli vist 9,56€.

Kõigi kolme swatchid. (välguga, päevavalguses).

Kas teie ostsite ka midagi? Kuidas üldiselt osturalli valikuga rahul olite?

Aitäh, et oma aega minu blogi lugemiseks kulutasite! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fresh and Easy Spring makeup


Here are some photos of makeup that I did last week. :) I wanted to try out some new ELF products featured in my second ELF haul :)

Bourjois healthy mix serum (53)
ELF mineral booster in sheer
countouring- ELF pressed powder in caramel
blush: ELF natural radiance blusher in Shy

Eyes: (sorry, it is very similar to one of my FOTD posts, but I really like these eyeshadow look)
ELF mineral eye primer
NYX Velvet Rope palette 
Loreal lineur intense liquid eyeliner
Loreal voluminous mascara in blackest black.

Eyebrows: I used ELF studio brow kit in light as usual.

Lips: ELF mineral lipstick in Runway pink & ELF Hypershine Gloss in flirt.

In Estonian:
Nendel piltidel näete meiki, mille tegin endale eelmisel nädalal (7.aprillil). Proovisin mõningaid ELFi tooteid, mis viimases haul'is ka ära toodud on. Ei hakka siinkohal selle meigi loomiseks toodud asjade nimekirja ära tõlkima, niipalju on vast siiski inglise keel ka kõigile arusaadav. ;) Silmameik on jälle lillades toonides, aga mulle tõesti meeldib ja usun, et ka sobib see, nii et väga katsetama ei hakka muuga(no kui just spetsiaalselt blogi jaoks mingit look'i ei tee). Kontuurimiseks kasutasin ELFi presspuudrit toonis karamell, nagu haul'i postis lubatud sai. Jääb kuidagi loomulikum kui päiksepuudriga, mis kipub sädelev olema. ELFi põsepuna Shy on armas ja tütarlapselik heleroosa toon, piltide tegemise ajaks panin seda natuke rohkem oma palgeile, kui mul tavaks on, sest digikaamera välk kipub värve "lahjendama". Loodan, et teile meeldib! Järgmisena tahaks teha midagi kollase ja roosaga ehk... eks näis ;)
Kas teil tekib soov kevadel kanda nii meigis kui ka riietuses värvilisemaid/erksamaid toone?

Do you feel like you want to wear more bright and colourful clothes and makeup in spring? I defenitely do!

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sigma E25 blending brush winner update!

So Tolmu Rull has not answered me in actually 60 hours, so I am going to pick another winner. BUT it is good that she didn't answer, because when I started checking today WHO really is my follower then I did not find most of the names in my followers list, altough I spesifically wanted You to write your Google friend connect name, which I can see not your real name! There were also some made up names, so in the next contests no CHEATING please! Omg, ladies behave! The prize is not that expensive! (and unfortunately I am talking about Estonian girls! ) I am a little bit frustrated now that I have to waste my time now... if people could only read and UNDERSTAND what the questons really mean.....

So anyway, here are the results:

Thank you for reading and I will contact the winner today!

Final opinion: Oriflame lash booster + Eesti keeles ka!

So quite long time has passed and for a while I stopped using Oriflame lash booster, but then I noticed that my lashes became shorter and less curled so I started using it again. In conclusion I can say that it had some effect on my lashes, but it improves them only to some degree- you won't get extra full and long lashes.
For the price I defenitely recommend this product! Oriflame has discount now and it costs about 3€ which is really cheap. :) Sorry, no new pictures...

In Estonian:
Miks ma praegu üldse oma lõpliku arvamuse kirja panen? Vahepeal unustasin lash boosterit kasutada ja kohe nägin, et ripsmed on muutunud lühemaks ja vähem nö koolutatuks. Hakkasin uuesti kasutama ja praeguseks on ripsmed jälle kenamad. Seega on oma hinna kohta tegemist hea tootega, mis annab veidi pikkust ja paksust ripsmetele juurde, kuid nö kunstripsmete efekti sellega ei saavuta. Kindlasti olen oma ripsmetele heateo teinud, kuna see sisaldab biotiini ning B5-vitamiini liposoome. Mulle meeldib seda kasutada puhastel ripsmetel kas õhtul või hommikul ripsmetušši alla, kahjuks küll ei meenu see mulle igapäevaselt.
Uusi pilte ei lisa kahjuks, sest mingit ülisuurt erinevust varasemaga ei ole, pigem on selline efekt, mida ise märkan. :)

Thank you for reading!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Big ELF haul: Eye products and nail polish + Eesti keeles ka!


So this post is third part of my second order from .
You can read about lip products part I and face products part II.
As I already have enough eyeshadows then I ordered only 3 eyeshadow palettes called Birghtening eye color. Each palette contains 4 eyeshadows, most are shimmery, some have glitter in them, lighter colors are chalky.  I ordered Butternut, day 2 Night and Punk Funk. I also like Teal Dream and Rocker- maybe they will be in my next ELF haul. :) Under the double ended sponge tip applicator is a mirror- What the hell are you supposed to do with a mirror this size- you can't see anything :D

Here is the list of ingredients:
Talc, Mica, Zinc Stearate, Kaolin, Paraffinium Liquidu(Mineral Oil), Petrolatum, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, MethylParaben, Propylparaben, Iron Oxides (CI 77491 , CI 77492 , CI 77499), Manganese Violet (CI 77742), Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Yellow No.5 Lake (CI 19140), Red No.40 Lake (CI 16035), Ultramarine Violet (CI 77077), Blue No.1 Lake (CI 42090)

And here are my photos with swatches- as usual I have taken these photos under daylight.

First off Butternut, which is my least favorite of these, beacuse one color(the second one from left) is really hard and has very little pigmentation.
 Then we have Day to night, my favorite of these three.
 And last but not least: Punk Funk- bright and strong colors. :)
 Here are the swatches on my skin - I used NYX jumbo pencil in milk as a base.
haah.. and I finally got my mango madness nail polish.
In Estonian:
Kolmas postitus mu teise ELFi tellimuse kohta on lauvärvidest. Eelmiseid postitusi saab vaadata kui klikid ühele neist linkidest:  ELFi tooted huultele ja ELFi tooted näole. Kuna mul on juba piisavalt lauvärve(, siis tellisin 3 paletikest. Esimese nimi on Butternut- kenad neutraalsed toonid, kuid kõige halvem neist kolmest, kuna üks toon on kõva(st ei jää pintsli külge midagi) ja halva pigmendisisaldusega. Teine on palett, mille nimi on Punk funk- koosneb 3st ülijulgest värvitoonist- lilla, erksinine ja erkroosa ning üks tagasihoidlikum valge(mulle tundub, et ka sellel on mingi roosa varjund).- tundub hea pigmendiga, roosa toon sisaldab glitterit. Kolmas on Day 2 night nimeline palett, mis nagu nimigi ütleb sobib nii tagasihoidlikuma päevameigi kui ka julgema night-out meigi tegemiseks- pigmenteerituselt jälle väga hea, kuid kõige heledam toon pudeneb üsna kergelt, liiga kergelt läheb katki ka kui pintsli peale seda võtta. Üldiselt on 1,7€ eest siin lauvärvi küllalt, nii et soovitan proovida. :) Toonivalik on ka meeldivalt lai. 

Thank you for reading!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Big ELF Haul: Face products


You can find introduction and first part of this haul here: part I. If you want to read it in Estonian, then scroll down! (Vaata postituse lõppu kui soovid eesti keeles lugeda! ;) )

First products that I am going to review are tinted moisturizers. I ordered one from regular line and one from studio line. They are both really small and they don't give a lot of covarage (which is expectable). The studio one is actually too dark for me, so I am going to sell it (I have just used it for swatching). 

Next I ordered some pressed powders from studio line. I chose Porcelain- I hoped it would be similar to my skin tone, but actually it is much more yellow. The other one is caramel which I plan to use for contouring.
Here are two blushes that I wanted to try. First one is from regular line and it is called Shy. Thank you grish from g-reveales- she really loved this blush so I wanted to try this out. ELF Natural Radiance blusher in Shy. Really pretty and natural color, not extremely pigmented.

Here they are together just to let you see their sizes. 
ELF Studio Pink passion blush on it's own.
 ELF studio blush compared to ELF blushed & bronzed compact- almost half size.

 And last item I got which can be categorized under face products is ELF Mineral infused face primer. I have not really tried out if it works or not, but first impression was not the best, because I expected some kind of creme, but it is more serum or liquid. At first glance it seems really oily, but I was able to blend it out nicely and it left my skin so smooth. I don't really like the smell of this thing- weird and strong smell (it is not fruity or sweet defenitely, more like medicine or smth).
(You can click on the pictures to see bigger image as always ;) )

I am going to post third part of this haul tomorrow- eyeproducts + nail polish- finally got my mango madness. :D

In Estonian:
Esimestel pitlidel on toonivad niisutajad- mulle nad väga head muljet ei jätnud, vb ootasin lihtsalt veidi katvust ka. Suurus on ka väga mini. Studio(ehk see mustas tuubis) niisutaja on minu jaoks liiga tumedat tooni, kasutanud olen seda ainult siia näidete tegemiseks, nii et kui on huvi, kirjutage kommentaaridesse oma mailiaadress nt ;) (hind oleks 3€ ehk veidi odavamalt kui ma ta ise ostsin).
Järgmistel piltidel on tegemist kompaktpuudritega, tellisin 2 tooni: porcelain - kõige heledam toon valikust, kuid minu jaoks liiga tugeva kollase varjundiga. Teine toon on caramel ja minu õigest toonist 2-3 tooni tumedamana on ta ideaalne matt kontuurija- st saan enda ümarale näole tekitada illusiooni põsesarnadest. :D
Seejärel 2 põsepuna: tellisin ühe nl tava seeriast- selle toon on Shy- väga armas ja tagasihoidlik roosa toon, mis annab mõnusa õhetava jume. Väga pisike jälle. Studio seeriast tellisin tooni Pink Passion, sest olen jaheda nahatooniga ja siiani mul ei olnud ühtegi külma tooni põsepuna. Väga hea pigmendisisaldusega, kuid jälle- pisike mu silmis. Ta võib ju muu maailma mõistes odav olla, kuid Eestist saab 80 eegu (hahaa no u 6€ eest) ju natuke suurema põsepuna.
Viimasena mainisin ära mineraalide sisaldusega meigi aluskreemi(seerumi?). Esmapilgul tundus õline mitte midagi ütlev ollus, kuid nahale ilusasti laiali aetuna jättis väga sileda nö aluse. Ei ole veel proovinud, kas meik tänu selle kasutamisele kauem ka peal püsiks, aga eks ma annan oma lõpliku otsuse ülevaate näol kunagi teada. :D
Homme tuleb postitus ELFi tavaseeria lauvärvide kohta, tellisin neid 3 tk ning sain lõpuks oma kauaoodatud mango madness küünelaki (eelmine oli postis ju katki läinud).

Thank you for reading!

Sigma E25 Blending Brush winner is...

Tolmu Rull- congratulations! I will send You email now ;)

I got 16 entries total, but as I wrote, there were more than one way to enter- that's why some of the names have been written more than once. :D

Thank you for reading and again: Palju õnne võidu puhul! ;)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Big ELF haul: Lip products


Today I recieved my package from ELF. This time I placed my order on 24th March so the shipping took 13 days. (and acutally recieving 15 days). Can anybody explain what signed for shipping means, because I did not notice any difference compared to regular shipping. Does this mean that the package was supposed to be deliverd to my doorstep?
This time I used 20% off everything code from facebook and the total cost with shipping was 47,15£ - yeah I know that's a lot, but I ordered some goodies for a giveaway too- I am not going to tell you exact time now, let something be surprise too.
I am going to post this haul in parts, because otherwise there would be just tooo many information and pictures. :D

Firstly, I wanted a nude pink lipstick and I chose Runway pink from Mineral line. It is not really creamy, I don't now yet about the staying power.
 Next up are the lip shines. They are quite sheer and sticky.
 Here are the swatches for the products mentioned above:
Left- mineral lipstick in Runway pink
Middle- Super Glossy Lip Shine in Malt
Right- Super Glossy Lip Shine in Godess

Next up is ELF Lip Stain in Red Carpet- I hoped to get a long lasting red lipstick, but it is not really a stain, it came of while eating. So just a nice lip color. The tip on the gloss side is white actually, but the stain side literally stained it when I applied this product on my lips. 

In Estonian:
Sain täna kätte oma teise ELF kosmeetika tellimuse ja kergelt öeldes olen pettunud. Ma tean, et nende asjad on odavad, aga testri suuruses toonivat niisutavat kreemi ju ikka ei ootaks või põsepuna, mis on vaevalt 1-kroonisest mündist suurem. Eelmise tellimuse puhul uurisin rohkem blogisid ja seekord ei viitsinud nii palju vaeva näha ja tulemus on käes. Ühesõnaga huupi ei maksaks sealt tellida. Kokku läks eurodes seekord ikka suur hunnik raha, aga mõned tooted tellisin tuleviku jaoks ka(ei tea veel hetkel kas loosiks või müügiks). Seekordsesse postitusse ma iga asja kohta väga täpselt ei kirjuta, lihtsalt paar pilti ja näidet. 
Tavaseeria toodetele on iseloomulik magusa apelsini lõhn, huuleläiked on üsna kleepuvad ja eriti tooni ei oma. Lip stain peaks paremini püsima, kui kaasasolevat läiget peale ei lisa- pean seda veel katsetama, kas see vastab ka tõele.
Mineral lipstick on kena loomulik roosa, tekstuur on kreemjas, püsivuselt arvatavasti keskmine.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Under Eye Concealer


Today I am reviewing Revlon age defying moisturizing under eye concealer - I am not acutally that old that I would be scared of wrinkles, I just wanted to try this out, because I have read from other blogs that it is good concealer. I have used it for a month now and so far I like it. It comes in 11ml (0.37 fl. oz.) squeezy tube. I have it in light tone. I use it on the lids too, because I have a little bit veins showing through.This concealr is supposed to hydrate, conceal and restore.

Ahh.. forgot to write under this picture, that on my right eye I am wearing concealer and my left eye area is bare skin. :D

  • creamy consistency
  • easy to apply and blend- I just use my fingers, just dab it on.
  • buildable- if you want more coverage, just apply a little bit more. ;)
  • SPF 25 - who does not need SPF. Sun is our enemy hahaa.. but really SPF helps to protect delicate under eye skin from sun, that you won't get premature wrinkles.
  • a little goes a long way- seriously it is really pigmented and a little dot is enough for both eyes.
  • brightens eye area- it may look a little bit light, but when I set it with ELF mineral booster in Sheer it becomes more similar to my skin tone.
  • looks quite natural and feels light
  • does not really have any smell
  • good staying power- looks good all day long
  • Can't buy it in Estonia- I ordered mine from Ebay(yes, again :D ). In USA you can probably get it from drugstores and it costs around 10$ - maybe cheaper, when you get a nice deal.
  • Creases a little bit in fine wrinkles beneath my eyes
  • Only 4 tones (light/pale, light/medium, medium, medium/deep). 
  • Please keep in mind, that it is moisturizing, but it doesn't substitute your eye cream! At the moment I am not using any eyecreams, but when you have more mature skin, then you shouldn't skip your cream.
Would I buy it again? Yes, I have nothing really bad to say, but probably I won't buy this one again JUST because I want to try other products too.  

Thank you for reading!

Monday, April 4, 2011

NOTD - China Glaze 2030 & OPI Shatter


Today's post is going to be about my weekend manicure. I ordered this cute black and gold rose ring from ebay and got inspiration to match my nails with it.

NB! When you are using OPI shatter on your nails then you really have to wait for the main color to dry, I did not wait enough and the base color shattered too, so I needed to fill in some gaps with nail art brush. Next time I'll be more patient.I will post some photos of OPI shatter with different base colors some time this week too so you can get better idea of this effect.

I ordered my OPI black shatter from ebay, but in Estonia you can maybe find it in I.L.U. shops in Tallinn, Tartu or Pärnu; or maybe in Tallinn's or Tartu's Kaubamaja. The price is the same as for other OPI polishes.

My computer is ok now, so I really hope to get more posts up now!

Thank you for reading!