Monday, January 9, 2012

Review: Lumiere cosmetics holiday 2011 collection

Hey, beauties!

Last week I finally got my package from Lumiere cosmetics - ordered them during black friday sale. I have never ordered from them before so these products will be my first encounter with Lumiere mineral makeup. I was not really into mineral makeup before, but I only thing I had tried was ELF mineral line- NOT comparable at all. I hated ELF mineral eyeshadows - they were so sheer and texture wasn't silky.
Here is photo of collection (picture taken from Lumiere cosmetics website):
I ordered the cool side of this collection, since I found them more usable on myself. I now know that I have yellow undertones, but since I am quite fair, they should work for me too. First look at the colors and I wanted to use them for classic smokey eye look. 
This is limited edition, but at the moment they still have it in(update: they don´t sell it anymore, but they have new collection in 7 sins and 7 virtues- I ordered that yesterday). Large size cost 22$, Small size 13$.
My set is in small size, so this contains 3 mini jar sample size eyepigments(1 g of product), 2grams of blush and tiny lipgloss. I swatched them like 3 times, was not happy with the results before (first time there was no daylight, second time I did not swatch them on primer).
1. Tinsel Tidings - Light, bright, beautiful silver with sparkling metallic finish. Contains a ton of sparkly glitter- may cause some fallout.
Silver lining seem to be similar to this one. 
2. One Horse Open Slate - Cool slate gray with silver radiance
Charocal may look similar.
3. Cold Winters Night - Deep indigo and plum with vibrant multicolor sparkle.
Closest to this on is Midnight.
4. Frostbite - Fabulous fuschia with bright, multicolor flecks. On my lips more like sheer pink with multicolor flecks.

5. Berry Blitzen - Pale raspberry with radiant silver sheen.
Something between mauvelous and autumn blush (look in the pink blushes category).
I loved everything that I ordered, although I am a little disappointed in lipgloss- would have wanted to see more color. Eye pigments are nicely pigmented even without a primer, but you should use a primer on the lid. They are finely milled and feel smooth to the touch. 
If you want to see the warm side of the collection here is a link: I don´t know this blogger personally, just found this blogpost through google. 
Coming up: FOTD, using some pigments from this collection :)

What do you think of this collection? Have you heard of Lumiere cosmetics before? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. I love the lipgloss! It looks really pretty

  2. The main color is my own natural lips, it gives just some gloss and sparkle to the lips. Thank you!

  3. Ma kahtlustan, et oleksin pigem selle sooja komplekti võtnud :). Aga mis siis e.l.f. i omadel viga oli? Mul töötavad Socialite, Celebrity, Royal jne kaunis hästi - eeldusel muidugi, et aluskreem kenasti all on :).

  4. Konkreetne isend, mida mõtlesin oli vist elegant või natural. Aga üldiselt on kvaliteedi vahe tuntav- no ei ole näpu all ega laul samad.
    Soojema komplekti lauvärvid on kenad, aga ma hakkasin huuleläiget kartma- tundub, et ta oli tegelikult sama läbipaistev, nii et asjata.