Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: OPI Nicki Minaj mini set

Hey, beauties!
Today I have some nail swatches for you - a few days ago got this cute Nicki Minaj set, that I ordered from ebay. :) I had a little bit of trouble with a seller, because originally I wanted to order 2 sets(one for giveaway) and was able to pay for it even. But the next day the seller contacted me and said there was only one set available. I said okay, please refund the other then. Almost 14 days passed and then I got the package only to discover that seller had messed up even more- really disappointed. Save me isn´t bad, but I would have prefered the original mini set with Metallic 4 life. 
Price was 10.95$ + shipping 6-7$. 
Anyhow, lets look at the polishes, because they are lovely - perfect brights for spring. 
Photos are taken in daylight. 

Mini set with package
Swatches in daylight: 1 coat of each 

Swatches in daylight+flash: 1 coat each
My favorite from this collection is Fly- perfect summer color, I will purchase it in normal size. 
So what do you think of this collection? I love it, altough I am not a fan of miss Nicki.

Thank you for reading,


  1. I love Fly, but I am in doubt about Pink Friday and Did it on'em. Maybe, it's better to start with the minies then.

  2. Yes, minies are a great way to go ;) NOTD coming up with Fly + Save me :)

  3. Nii kenad värvid, et tekib tahtmine endalegi neid soetada! :) Kui suured need pudelikesed on?

  4. Tegelikult on seda isegi esimesel pildil näha, aga vastan ikkagi: minipudelid on 3,75ml - tavasuurus on 15ml.

  5. I bought my mini set from Chatters Salon and it says on the box Metallic 4 Life but it is the Save Me polish. OPI mixed up!