Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Wet´n´wild Vanity Palette

Finally I have time to post this, I acutally wrote the main part in December, but was too lazy to take comparison photos with UD naked palette, which is the last part of this post. So sorry I did not get this review up any sooner, because I believe that the 6-pan version was limited edition (maybe?).
What is it?
Warm toned neutral eyeshadow palette with 6 eyeshadows. Perfect for everyday use.
Here is a photo of it:

Where to get it? 
Wet´n´wild is widely known drugstore makeup brand, so you can basically get it anywhere. In Estonia look into Seppäläs - actually a clothing store, but only one that carries wet´n´wild products.
Price: I think my palette cost 5.95€, I belive in US they are 3.99$ (correct me if I am wrong).
What I like about this palette?
Good variety of colors, you will get equal amount of mattes and shimmers.
Good pigmentation, smooth texture - for most of them.
Easy to blend.
What I didn´t like so much?
Packaging screams cheap.
A little bit of powdery so you may get some fallout.
Included applicators are quite bad, but since I don't use them anyway, I don't mind (plastic applicators: one sponge tip, one for blending- really scratchy).
Least pigemented is gold color, it was hard to get on brush, but yet it transfered to lid well and stayed put quite a few hours.

Since I am bad at describing colors, lets take a look at the swatches: 
First row are the matte shades on the left in the palette and you can guess what the second row is for :P 
Swatches are done on the bare skin, using my fingertips. 

 Might be dupes: (source: the almighty Internet)
Top Left: MAC Brule
Middle Left: MAC Cork or UD naked
Bottom Left: MAC Handwritten
Top Right: MAC Nylon
Middle Right: MAC Goldmine or Urban Decay Half Baked
Bottom Right: MAC Bronze or Urban Decay Smog

I have UD Naked palette, so here is the comparison swatch (taken in daylight, with flash):
First pair: on the left middle right color and on the right urban decay naked- Wnw is more warm toned. 
Second pair: on the left middle right color and on the right urban decay Half baked- again wnw more warm toned and less pigmented. 
Third: same logic bottom right and urban decay smog - wnw more warm and less pigmented.
So no, they are similar, but defenitely not dupes. 

So in conclusion: 
I like this palette and I defenitely recommend wet´n´wild eyeshadows to you- they are cheap, but the performance is excellent. Since I did not like the gold color from the palette, the final score is 4,5 out of 5. I would love to try out their 6-pan shadows in greed and lust, unfortunately I have not seen them in Seppäläs and I am not that desperate to pay a ton of money for them when ordering from ebay. I have one more review coming up from wet´n´wild- 8-pan comfort zone palette.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I have the same problem as you i didnt like the brown one, sometimes is indeed hard to find a pan with the colors u really want, and pay for something u no gonna use is hard