Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trend: nails polish spring 2012

you may think that I am crazy: "What?! It is not spring, why do you show us these", but it is spring in nail polish world. So here is my tips and things I have noticed. Bonus: Some examples of the collections too, but you can search elsewhere, I did not add every spring nail polish collection here that comes out. :)

1. Neon polishes - OPI Nicki Minaj collection or China Glaze Electropop.
2. Pastel- dusty- cool toned nail polishes - Zoya True collection. In my opinion, this seems to be the largest trend.
3. Flakies- Finger paints, my old favorite Nubar 2012 or Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, Zoya Fleck effect.
4. Glitter top coats- OPI Nicki Minaj Save me is great example.
5. Still the shatter nail polish trend lingers around - For example OPI Nicki Minaj Super bass shatter.  I think that it's time to go, shatter! Yes, it is very quick way to spice up your manicure, but it is nothing special. Boring..
6. Nude is in the air- if you don't want to wear color, then there is always nude polish. Sometimes minimalism suits best! Look into creamy shades of gray, white, pale pink, and soft beige. 
So now a quick overview what to search for in beauty stores or online: (yes, I could have separate post about every single collection, but this gives better overview of what's going on) Spring means, that most of these polishes become available in January. :) 
Picture belongs to Vampy Varnish.
Zoya spring 2012 True collection swatches here, available since 10th January. Slightly muted colors, full coverage, creams & metallics.
Picture belongs to Vampy Varnish.
Zoya 3 Fleck effect polishes swatches here. Unfortunately I can't get any zoya polishes, but I would really like to try some (anybody in US? custom purchase please .. )

Bottles themselves look like meh(especially when compared to Zoya), but definitely look at the swatches. Flashy is dupe for Sally hansen hidden treasure or Nubar 2010.
Finger Paints Sepcial Effect nail polish collection- swatches here.

Via google.
OPI spring summer 2012- Holland collection. Part I here- cremes, Part II here- shimmers. I am not really excited about this collection, seems kind of random to me. There are some classic colors /reds, pinks and then there are some trendy (that means dusty pastel) colors.
Via Google
OPI Nicki Minaj collection swatches here. I ordered a mini set which contains: Did It On 'Em(lime), Fly(aqua), Pink Friday(baby pink) and Metallic 4 Life (black base with grazy silver glitter). I am not a big fan of Nicki, but I love some bright colors for summer. :) 
Via Google
China glaze Electropop collection swatches here. I think this colelction is nice overall, but I also notice that there are some colors really close to For Audrey(I mean Aquadelic) and Secret Peri-wink-le(electric beat).

China Glaze Hunger games inspired collection called "Colours from the capitol". Available in March. I have said my opinion  in this blogpost.
Swatches for chinga glaze capitol colors here.

Essie spring 2012 Navigate her swatches here. Seems nice and small collection, but I am not a fan of Essie, so sorry- I won't be buying these.
ORLY Cool Romance collection.  I did not find any swatches yet.

Butter london Spring/Summer collection. I did not find any swatches yet.

Thank you for reading and I do that hope this post was helpful!


  1. this is an awesome post! i love glitter polishes, and even though people say to only use glitter polishes during the summer months, i dont really care LOL love to wear them year long! By the way I found your blog through Mondays Beauties Blog Hop and am now a new follower!

  2. Thank you! :) I just love bloghop- I find very interesting blogs there every week :)

  3. Never heard of this Blog Hop thing, am definitely going to find out about it!

    I love this post, very thorough and informative! I can see you have put some effort into it!

  4. Thank you! :) I like doing research :P

  5. I know were a lot of my money will be going..definitely on these nail polishes!! I can't wait to get some of the Nicki Minaj and the China Glaze Hunger Game polishes xx

  6. I've got access to the three zoya flecks. email me at lexingtonma(at)gmail(dot)com if you're still interested