Thursday, February 16, 2012

FOTD: ELF Beauty clutch test run


Today I went to see an opera with my mother and this seemed to be appropriate time to play with my new ELF Beauty Clutch. I used eyeshadows and peachy blush from that palette. :)

Make up store tinted eyeprimer and NYX jumbo pencil in Milk as a base.
On my lips is just Rimmel lasting finish lipstick in Airy Fairy. 
5 p.m.

Yes, I know that the foundation is a little bit dark, but in artificial light it is not noticeable. It´s the lightest one I have: loreal true match c2 rose vanilla. In search of lighter foundation I purchased new maybelline fit me foundation in 120, but it is actually even more darker and yellower than loreal true match. 

 10.30 pm
Sorry for my messy hair  and tired eyes.

As you can see, the color has not moved anywhere and if faded then only a little. Even the blush stayed on my cheeks pretty well, still noticeable after 5 and half hours.
So I am pretty impressed! :)

Thank you for reading!

In Estonian: 
Käisin täna emaga ooperis, vaatasime Maria Stuardat- vahel peab ju kultuurne olema. ;) Igaljuhul tundus hea aeg, et katsetada ELFi beauty clutchi.
Esimesed 2 pilti on tehtud kohe pärast meigi tegemist ehk kell 5 päeval, viimased 2 on tehtud aga just nüüd, pool h tagasi ehk pea 6 tundi hiljem. Pole midagi muud öelda, kui et olen positiivselt üllatunud. Tõesti on normaalsed lauvärvid nagu ma arvasingi. Pealekandmine oli ka lihtne, hajutamine läks ludinal. Praimerina kasutasin makeup store´i lauvärvi aluskreemi ja nyx jumbo silmapliiatsit toonis milk.
Põskedel kasutasin ka samast paletist pärit virsikukarva põsepuna, millel oli kerge kuldne läige.

Tundub, et võib rahule jääda. :)


  1. Wow this wore so well on you, and you have amazing skin lucky girl!!

  2. Yes, it wore pretty well, takeing the price of the palette into account.
    And my skin is just regular, I don´t have massive breakouts, but my skintone is uneven- I get red patches quite often. I might have cuperosa, I don´t know yet, because I have never been to dermatologist.

  3. This look is very nice :) I also have this clustch but I've been neglecting it recently. I should start using it again. I remember eyeshadows were quite good. Your foundation looks fine to me :)

    I wish I could write all that Eesti keeles but I can't remeber a thing lol Just English words come to my mind :(