Monday, February 27, 2012

The MBB Monday Poll

I decided to the the MBB poll today, I don't know yet if I am going to do it every Monday or not, let me know in the comments if you are interested in my ramblings. I feel like I should add more me into my blog... I don't really hate mondays, today I even waited for it, because I had a 4 day weekend. 
You can read Karen's(the MBB blog writer) asnwers here.
1. Mood:
Tired, but happy, just got home from Zumba workout. 

2. It’s Girl Scout Cookie season! Do you have a favorite?

We don't have that kind of girl scouts in Estonia, well at least it is not so widely spread. I am kind of sad that I am missing out on delicious homemade cookies. But it is defenitely better for my figure... 

3. One thing you absolutely must finish today?

Unpack my gym bag... I never leave my things in it over night, that's just gross.

4. What’s one lesson you wish you’d learned earlier in life?

Keeping my mouth shut in certain places, but like the say- wisdom comes from experience.

5. Would you want to see five years into your future?

It would be defenitely interesting, but I prefer not to know, spoilers make things less interesting, you know!

6. Is there anything you wish you spent less time doing?

Yes! Being on my computer, watching youtube videos - it is hard not to do it, I am subscribed to so many people and I just MUST see all new videos. 

7. What’s one of your makeup mottos?

Lately, "Less is more!" - yes I like full face makeup, but recently I just want to do everything quicker. That means I also use less products on my skin.

8. Three makeup brushes you couldn’t live without:

I don't own a ton of expensive brushes, so I just list some brushes here that I use every single time I do my makeup.
Sigma F80 for my foundation
ELF Blush Brush- perfect size! 
ELF Eyeshadow C brush

9. Someday I’m going to…

have my own house, enough room for friends and family to stay over. I live in a small 1-roomed appartment right now, that's why I won't do any roomtours or makeup storage videos - I don't have enough room for appropriate furniture to store everything. 

10. Weekly goals:

Study for otorhinolaryngology exam(ear-nose-throat diseases) 
Post at least 2 more posts (If I manage, tomorrow you'll see Make Up Store Spring-Summer collection swatches ;) )
Finally post a package to my blogiversary giveaway winner - not toatally my fault, because the first person didn't answer me so I had to wait a few days to choose another winner. 

Hope you liked this poll! :)
Thank you for reading! 


  1. Ohjumal! Ma loen sedasama küsitlust Funny Face Beauty esituses ja mõtlen enamvähem igal esmaspäeval, et ehk peaks ka oma vastused postitama... lahe.

  2. Tolmu, su kommentaarid teevad alati tuju heaks, varsti annan sulle auhinna selle eest :D Kindlasti tee mõni esmaspäev ka see küsitlus ära, ma siis kohe huviga loeksin. :)