Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review ELF Beauty clutch

Hey, beauties!
Today I am reviewing ELF Beauty clutch for you. I just got it today, so for now, it is just going to be swatches. If you live in Europe, you can get it from and it costs £ 7.5 (around 10€). Here is link to the product, if you are interested: ELF Beauty Clutch

What it contains:
32 eyeshadows; 2 blushes; 1 bornzer;1 face shimmer; 1 brow powder + wax and 6 lipglosses - this is supposed to be complete beauty clutch so almost everything you need for a full face of makeup.

Beauty clutch in all it´s beauty :)
For reference, my hand is small/medium size :) 
Before anybody asks, those red spots are port wine stains, which I have had since birth- just discoloration (malformation of blood vessels)- nothing contagious and no they are not burn scars. I always joke that I chose medicine, because then I can cover them up with rubber gloves. In real life nobody notices my freaky hand :P 

So first off: eyeshadows really close up and swatches. I did not use any primer! ;)


Both photos are taken with flash, that means that the colors are more vibrant in real life. ;)

And now: face, lip and brow part of this palette:

What I like about it:
1. Color selection of eyeshadows - I love that this clutch mainly contains neutral-pink eyeshadows, spiced with 4 green and 4 lilac-blue colors.
2. Pigmentation of eyeshadows is quite decent, better than ELF 32 pc mini pro palette (I have it in cool, review coming up soon).
3. Nice blushes: one is more peachy and the other one nice pink color.
4. Sturdy, easy to open plastic package - yes, it might be cheap looking, but it does the job ;)
5. Big mirror

What I don't like:
1. Hated the lip colors, really sticky and almost no color to them, I don´t think I´ll be using these much.
2. Bronzer is too orange(not just undertones, it is really really orange), so it is not suitable for pale girls, especially for contouring. Also this contains a little bit of shimmer.
3. Face shimmer has grey-blue sheen - not really a "glow" I am looking for, I prefer warmer highlighters.
4. Brow powder and wax are really akward addition to this palette- you can't really put universal color for brows in a palette like this. This powder is too warm toned and brow wax is too dark for me to use on myself.
5. Darker eyeshadows are poorly pigmented so you will defenitely need separate black eyeshadow, if you want to create a smokey look.

So the eyeshadows are pretty decent, but does the idea that you only need one thing for your makeup really work with this product, then the answer is NO!
 Would I recommend it? Yes and no.If you want cheap, yet decent eyeshadows, then go for it. But if you expect more, then I would skip this palette. 
Since I really liked the color selection of eyeshadows, I will give this palette 4 out of 5 points.

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: This palette was sent to me for review purposes by I am always honest in my reviews, no matter how I got the product.

In Estonian:

ELFi Uk leht saatis mulle proovimiseks 2 paletti, täne näete neist esimest, mille nimeks ELF beauty clutch. Maksab ta £7.5, osta saate siit, kui on huvi:  ELF Beauty Clutch. 
Idee poolest on tegemist kõik ühes paletiga, kuid kahjuks on huulevärvid minu meelest täiesti mõttetud- värvi ei anna peaaegu üldse ja väga kleepuva tekstuuriga on nad ka. Päiksepuuder on liiga oranž ning selle highlighteriga saate küll endale väga kahtlase hallikas-sinise sära. Minu meelest külm valge toon pole säraandjana väga kaunis - eelistan kergelt sooja alatooniga highlightereid.

Tore kui leidub keegi, kellele need kulmutoonid sobivad - minu jaoks on puuder liiga sooja tooniga ning kulmukreem(peaks vist pm vaha osa mängima) on liiga tume. Nii et seda osa paletist ma ka kasutada ei saa.
Lauvärvidega olen küll rahul, kui kõige tumedamad toonid välja arvata. Minu meelest on ELF suuri edusamme teinud- viimati proovitud 32 psc everyday paletist. Review leiate siit:

Väga meeldib mulle lauvärvide toonivalik- mõnusad neutraalsed pruunid, beežid, virsikukarva, roosad ja lillad toonid. Sekka on lisatud ka veidi rohelist-sinist, mis õnneks ei domineeri, vaid tasakaalustab üldist värvigammat hästi. 
Põsepunad on ka kasutatavad, hea on see, et paletist leiab ühe sooja ja teise veidi külmemat tooni põsepuna. Annab rohkem võimalusi looke kombineerida.
Tegelikult on ju selle raha eest toodet küllalt, nii et kui ikka üldse pole veel meigikollektsioonis lauvärve ja rahaga ka priisata pole, siis soovitan beauty clutchi poole kiigata. Kui otsite aga kõik ühes toodet, siis ärge seda ostke! 


  1. I always like the concept of these palettes but I never reach for it much! This looks like an all n one deal but some items in it will be a miss. Great review