Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review: ELF Nail Polish in Coral


Today I am doing a review on ELF nail polish in coral.
I own quite a few ELF polishes and the quality is so inconsistent. Some of them have very watery formula and you can´t even get full opacity with 4 coats(Lilac nail polish review here). Some are very thick and almost 1-coaters like the one I am reviewing today. 
This is how it looks on the website:
In real life definitely not so pearly and golden, rather plain warm pink with some gold sheen to it. I quite like this color- cute and quite suitable for summer. :) Combination of pink and gold makes it look like coral, but I think Mango Madness (review here) is more true coral color than this.

Note: the price has increased on and is now 2$ - because they have improved the formula. For European beauties this will cost 1,7€ or £1.5 in UK. 
The polish is 10 ml / 0.35 fl oz.
I can´t exactly tell if I have the old or new formula, just for reference I ordered mine in November. Some of the polishes have "new formula" behind the polish name and Coral is not one of them. 

Bottle is standard rectangular glass bottle, which seems to have common flaw- the gap won´t screw on properly. You can see this on the photo below.
Another big letdown is the brush- the polish formula may be quite okay, but mixed with this brush you will get uneven application. Instead of improving formula, maybe it is time to change the brush, ELF? Now talking about the formula, Coral polish is quite thick and gloopy, but still workable.
Here are swatches of coral nail polish on my nails, I used 2 coats. Love the gold sheen on photo with flash.
I don´t know if it is bad topcoat or the polish itself is bad, but it started to chip on 2nd day and by the 3rd day it even peeled off on some nails. So is it longlasting- defenitely no! But I do like the color, therefore I will be wearing it in the future. 
This polish isn´t my favorite, but it isn´t the worst either, so this will get 3 points out of 5. 

Thank you for reading!

In Estonian: 
Täna näitasin teile fotosid ELFi küünelakist toonis Coral, mille värv on imeilus, kuid asja teeb nutuseks väga halva kvaliteediga pintsel ning seetõttu on pealekantud lakk üsna ebaühtlane. Pealpüsimisega ka see lakk ei hiilga, teisel päeval olid küünte otstest kadunud mõned tükid ning kolmandal päeval juba lausa koorus maha päris mitmelt küünelt. Mulle tõesti väga meeldib värv, aga päris korallitooni ta just pole, pigem on lihtsalt sooja tooni roosa kuldse läikega - väga kena efekt kokkuvõttes. 
Piltidel on kasutatud kahte lakikihti - kuigi ta on hea katvusega, on kindlasti vaja teist kihti laki ühtlustamiseks. 
Kas ma soovitaks seda ka teistele? Nii ja naa, kui olete nõus küüsi igapäevaselt lakkima, siis võite ju osta endale selle laki, kuna ta ei maksa suurt midagi - hind on 1,7eurot. Aga kui ootate lakilt enamat, siis kõndige sellest kaarega mööda- pole mõtet ilmaasjata vihastuda! ;) Annaksin sellele 3p 5st.