Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses

Today I am reviewing NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses, I know that they are not something new, but they are kind of new to me. Well, except for Beige- I own that lipgloss for about 6 months now and since I loved the texture, pigmentation and smell, I decided to order 6 more. NYX is budget friendly brand, so this insane love for NYX mega shine lip gloss, did not leave a hole into my wallet. 
This picture shows how cute and sleek design these lipglosses have. I just love these bows- when I had just one, it was really easy to pick that out from all of my lip products, now I have to find another system. Anyway, these have a bent-angle sponge tip,  not brush as some lipglosses - Well, I would probably get more pigmented shades on better... 
Tubes are really large, you will get 15 ml or 0.53fl.oz of product. (for comparison MAC lipglasses are 0.17 fl.oz)
I mentioned smell, well actually it is scent, above: these have sweet cherry candy scent, which I happen to love :D Another plus is that these lipglosses aren´t too sticky, yay! 
NYX cosmetics are cruelty free, they don´t test on animals, but not vegan. 
So how much does this gloss cost, you may ask. I usually order mine from ebay and the more your order, the cheaper you actually get them. I paid 20.99$ for the glosses and 8.40$ for shipping, so that is defenitely cheaper than places like cherryculture (sale at the moment, 3.99$ + shipping) or other online stores(like pork daisy: 4.75$+shipping). So price per gloss was 4.9$, without shipping only 3.5$.
Ulta sells them too, at the moment they have offer: buy 1 get one 50% off, regular price is 5.49$. 
You can see the whole color range here, I warn you, that is huge! I counted 55 on the homepage, some were limited edition, so the total should be actually around 64 shades?! (at least cherryculture have that much gloss shades)
So here are my picks, I chose more neutral shades, because I tend to wear the more. I ordered the dolly pink one, because i have heard that bright fuschia pink is really in this spring and summer. Perfect red is just a must for me, because I didn´t have any red lipglosses.
Here are my ugly winter lips, they look here paler than they are in real life, I have quite pigmented lips. 
First on is Beige, midtoned neutral pink(on paler lips more bubblegum pink), that I have had for 6 months. I use it quite often, because it offers nice neutral pink shine to my lips. This one does not have any shimmer in it, more like jelly apperance. Nice pigemntation, smooth texture. Love it!
Second one is Sweetheart: light shimmery champange pink, I mainly ordered it, because Marlena from makeupgeek always raved about this gloss. Unfortunately, it does not suit my skintone at all, I looked like dead when wearing this. This has frost finish and the application is a little bit of streaky. 
Next up is Smokey look, light peachy nude lipgloss with fine gold shimmer. I think that it will look perfect in summer, at the moment it is too brown for me. Also, will look perfect with cool toned smokey eye, use peachy blush too, to balance out everything.
Gold pink is really similar to Beige, but it has silver shimmer in it, so it looks a bit frosty, but the application was better than with Sweetheart. 
Tea Rose is nice neutral pink, perfect for everyday wear. Does not have any shimmer in it, applied like a dream, really smooth.
Dolly pink is cool fuschia pink, no shimmer, but great pigmentation and very blod color. 
Perfect Red looks quite cool toned on me, but I have read that it may also look warmer, depending on your complexion. Application was a little bit patchy, but workable. Very pigmented for a lipgloss! 

Staying power is medium for a gloss I think: they are not gone from your lips in 30 minutes, but they don´t stay one the whole day either. I think that 2-4 hours is quite realistic expectance
So overall, would I recommend these glosses- hell yeah! If you don´t mind the scent/smell, because I know some people think that it smells like cough syrup. Thankfully, I have not tasted that, so no bad memories relate to the smell of these glosses. They are pigmented, cheap, have huge color selection, smell nice and are not sticky. Only con is the applicator, but you can always use a lip brush, so not a huge problem. It is quite impossible to pick one favorite, but least favorite is sweetheart.
I will give these glosses 4,75 out of 5 points !
Are you a lipgloss person? Have you ever tried NYX  lipglosses? What shade is your favorite from above?

Thank you for reading,

In Estonian:
Mul on nüüd kokku 7 NYX mega shine huuleläiget, kõik on ebayst tellitud. Viimati tellisin neid lausa 6 tk, just eile sain kätte ja kohe oli vaja ju pikk arvustus kirjutada. :)  
Beige toon oli mul olemas juba varem, tõenäoliselt juba u 8 kuud, kuigi ülevalpool kirjutasin, et 6. 
Toonid on:
Beige, Sweetheart, Smokey Look, Gold Pink, Tea Rose, Dolly Pink ja Perfect Red. 
Kõige halvem siit seltskonnast on Sweetheart, pealekandes jäi ebaühtlane ja frosty finish ei kuulu ka mu lemmikute hulka. 
Mis mulle siis meeldib nende huuleläigete juures?
- väga hea pigmendiga
- odavad (no hind on 4-6$ vahel, olenevalt ostukohast)
- väga lai toonivalik, lisaks väga erinevaid finish´eid(kreemjad, sädelevad, "jäised" jne). Kokku on 64 tooni!
- mõnusalt magus kirsikommi lõhn (kui sulle vänged lõhnad ei meeldi, siis hoia eemale, kuigi lõhn muutub pealekandes vähem märgatavaks).
- ei ole kleepuvad
- keskmine pealpüsivus: 2-3h (ei saa kurta)
- armas pakend ja palju toodet: lipsukesed ja 15ml ;)
Ainuke miinus on suur aplikaator, kindlasti oleks mugavam töötada pintsliga.

Kas teile üldse huueläiked meeldivad või peate neid tüütuks, ebamugavaks? Olete kunagi NYXi huuleläikeid kasutanud? Milline oli teie lemmik siin äratoodutest?


  1. Toon Perfect Red on minu arvates kõige ilusam :) Ise olen rohkem huulepulga inimene ja NYX-i kosmeetikat pole mul üldse. Olen Cherrycultures vaatamas käinud, aga tellimiseks pole veel läinud :)

  2. Kui väga midagi proovidad tahad, võin teada anda kui jälle tellima hakkan midagi. Hetkel on niigi veel paar asja tulemas nt extreme lip cream' id, NYX girls küünelakid, NYXi brow powder ja hd eyelid primer. Mul käib see hooti, kui jälle otsustan, et võiks juurde midagi tellida. :)

  3. Mina lihtaslt tahtsin mainida, et uus blogi välimus on väga ilus :)
    .. ja postitused on endiselt head!