Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's day nail art ideas

Today I felt like sharing a bunch of nail pictures with you. Since Valentine's day is coming up, here is some of my favorites.

1. Lets start with the easiest and most classical way. Just use a top coat with pink hearts and you are good to go. (found this picture on Fashion is my drug fanpage on facebook)
2. Why always hearts, roses deserve the attention too!!! (same source
You can use Konad or other stamping plate if your hand is not that steady to draw tiny roses on your nails. 
3. If you study medicine like I do, then you might find this design interesting. For everybody with non medical knowledge, this is normal ECG - your heartbeat. Update: source is really a nice nail blog:

4. You can use pink and red shades for water marbling. Source I belive this isn't acutally water marbling, but  it looks really similar. 

And last two are my own nail art designs from last year: (yes I know these look kind of ugly, ofc I cleaned up later - I think I have improved quite a bit ;) )
1. You don't HAVE to use red and pink combo, some periwinkle blue will bring your nails alive.
 2. You can use sponging when you want to melt 2 colors together, I just added a heart in my ring finger and ready to go :)

Thank you for reading and sorry for not posting my own new designs- another exam is on Monday and at the moment I am at University Library studying medical genetics. 


  1. Hey,just wanted to sahbthat I would be really happy ifnyou could do a postmon top coats:) which one is best in your opinion?

  2. Wish my name was steady enough to try some of these designs on myself! Jen xx

  3. I'm going on a Mission to find that Maybelline Express Finish with those cute hearts! Did you buy it recently?!

  4. Sorry I don´t acutally own that polish, I linked the source above the picture. So I have no idea, if you will be able to find it.

  5. hehe.. yes, my designs does not look that good either, image plates help out here- they are quite easy to use. ;)

  6. I found one nail polish with hearts (pink ang light blue): Klean color twinkie love :D
    They have one with green hearts too: PEaceful hearts.
    They should be more available, price is around 3.5$

  7. I haven´t tried that many topcoats: Seche Vite, Poshe and China Glaze only. And I think so far I have liked Poshe most, Seche vite contains toluene and china glaze just stinks really bad.

  8. Hello, my name is Cindy and I am the original owner of the ECG design. If you could please properly source the photo to it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  9. Not a problem, just updated the post ;)