The MBB Monday Poll vol.2 + Surprise!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello, beauties!
So I decided to do the makeup and beauty blog´s monday poll again. You can read the answers of this poll´s author here. So let´s begin! 
1. Mood:
Kind of annoyed, I am a bit ill (runny nose and small fever) and can´t go to zumba today.
2. Pastel eye makeup: your thoughts?
Yeah, I love the trend, but I wouldn´t wear only one color on the lid, pastels are kind of flat on their own. Defenitely they need some support from neutral crease colors.
3. When was the last time you played on a trampoline?
I think it was last summer, trampolines are pretty common entertainment in Estonian gardens. Fortunately they, that means trampolines, are usually so large that even my boyfriend can jump on one without a fear of breaking it.
4. Your favorite cereal?
hahaa... I just wrote my answers to 19 questions TAG yesterday and this was question nr 11 or smth (I will post it soon ;) ). But as I will say there, I don´t eat cereal regularly, but if I have to choose, then ciniminis, I love cinnamon.
5. Tell me something about your morning:
I usually start my morning with a big cup of green tea with a hint of honey.
6. You’re leaving tomorrow to spend a year in which country?
USA - I really really want to visit US :D Defenitely more opportunities as beauty blogger, not so sure about my "real life" - doctor´s get sued all the time.
7. Peter Pan shirt collars: yay or nay?
Yay, I´ve been keeping my eye on them for a while, I just love cute girly dresses with peter pan collar.
8. Last time you washed your makeup brushes?
haha, how convenient, I didn´t read the questions before, I promise, but I acutally just washed them I watched Estonian version of "Dance your ass off" when doing it from my computer. 26 brushes took me only 17 minutes to wash- I should wash them more often!
9. A beauty trend that freaks you out?
I am not a really big fan of bushy combed up brows.
10. Weekly goals:
This weeks biggest goal is this: I am doing makeup for a fashion show with Kätlin Vaarend. You can check out her blog here:  pssttt actually I am the one helping her, because she has so much more experience and she is so talented! 
Estonian medical students association presents: 
Fashion show to fight against Anorexia and bulimia. 
"Healthy person is beautiful person!"
24th March In Tartu Tasku keskus
All the models are students, 15-... years old - all have healthy weight!
This Fashion show is small part of Moeke(fashion competition for school aged children), but we are not competing.
I promise to do separate post about this fashion shoe, maybe even a small video clip again ;) Defenitely there is going to be a photo of two about the actual makeup. 
In Estonian:
Ma arvan, et nii mulle kui ka teile oleks igav, kui ma siia kõik küsimused ümber trükiks, seega mainin ainult kõige olulisemat. 
Nimelt, olen mina üks neist, kes oma pisikeste valgete kätega aitab teha meiki üleval plakatil nähtaval moeshow´l. Moeshow on nö grand finale Anoreksia- ja buliimiavastases projektis, mida EAÜS juba teist aastat korraldab. Põhiosa projektist moodustab selgitustöö tegemine, kus põhikooli ja gümnaasiumi õpilastele räägitakse üldiselt kehatajust, tervislikust toitumisest ning ka kahest raskest haigusest. Sellel aastal osalen ainult moeshow osas, eelmisel aastal olin ka üks rääkijatest. 
Kohe kindlasti ei ole mu kogemused meigivallas piisavad, et 12 neiule üksinda mingi äge meik välja mõelda, sellepärast palusin appi imekauni ja andeka Kätlini, tema blogi on siin. 
Kleidid neiudele disainis ja õmbles Ingel Kutsar, noormehed riietab šikkidesse ülikondadesse Monton. 
Kogu moekese finaalüritus algab 14.30 Paha Polly esinemisega, meie kollektsioon tuleb esitlemisele ajal, mil zürii teeb oma otsuseid ehk siis pärast teisi (Oletan, et u 16 ajal). Kindlasti tulge ka noori moeloojaid toetama! 
Kuna üritus toimub Tasku keskuse aatriumis, siis on see tasuta, nii et tulge kõik vaatama. Kui mu ära tunnete, öelge tere ka! ;)  
Kindlasti tuleb antud üritusest eraldi postitus, kus näete nii moeshowd ennast - tõenäoliselt jälle sarnase videona ning ka pilte meigist, mis siis meil lõpuks välja tuli. :) 

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  1. USAs tahaks isegi aastakese veeta :) Lahe postitus ja kahju, et pole võimalik 24. moeshowd Tartusse vaatama tulla.


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