Review: Wet´n´wild Comfort zone palette

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hello, Beauties!
Here is quick review of so much hyped wet'n'wild 8 pan eyeshadow palette in Comfort Zone. I defenitely understand the name, because all the colors in this palette are really wearable for anyone and at the same time you can create different looks with it- so very versatile.
Texture wise- wet'n'wild are known to be the best drugstore eyeshadows, so all of these are super pigmented and most are silky buttery smooth. 
I have only one complaint: there are now matte eyeshadows in this palette, I would have prefered at least one midtone brown and one highlight color. 
I got my palette from Seppälä(finnish clothing store in Estonia) and it cost 7.95€. In USA it should be available in drugstores and online and the price is so much cheaper- 4.99$ (so unfair!).
The eyeshadows in this palette are labeled, so if you really are total beginner and don't know where to put what color, that may help you. 
First row(left column in the palette):  Very UD Naked like colors in my opinion, so you get quite nice neutrals in this palette- all shimmery. Top row is without primer, bottom row is with primer.
1- shimmery ivory color
2- light rose bronze color
3- meidum brown with golden sheen
4- texture is very weird and be careful, this color might stain. 
Right column, the greens. Again- top row is without primer, bottom row is with primer.
1- too dark for browbone, but perfect all over the lid color.
2- nice chatreuse color, most colorful shadow of this palette, nice pigmentation
3- my least favorite of the bunch, it is harder than the rest and transfer to the lid is quite minimal. 
4- a red-brown-green duochrome, very unique. You either love it or hate it. I haven't used this color really much honestly. 

All the colors together:

  • Cheap - 1€ per shadow 
  • Great pigmentation - should be applied with light brush. It is better to build up the color, other story is removal- you'll have to start all over again!
  • Easily blendable
  • Great color selection for anyone - no matter what your skintone is, these will suit anyone. 
  • Good staying power if you use a primer (I always use it so I don't know how they would wear on their own)
  • Hard to get- because everyone wants one!
  • There is some fallout, bedause the shadows aren't too closely packed. 
  • There could be some matte shades
  • No great browbone color - the ones included are too frosty and too dark.

In conclusion: Would I recommend it? Defenitely yes!

Thank you for reading!

In Estonian:
Lõpuks jõuan selleni, et toon teieni Wet'n'wildi 8 lauvärviga paleti nimega Comfort zone. See postitus on väga kaua mu mustandite nimekirjas olnud. Õnneks ei ole tegemist piiratud saadavusega lauvärvidega ning neid on võimalik ka praegu Seppäläst 7.95€ eest osta. Olemas on ka Petal Pusher palett - lillad-roosad toonid. Mina ostsin enda paleti juba novembri alguses. 
Lauvärvid on hea pigmendiga, kergelt hajutatavad ja siidja tekstuuriga. Püsivad peal ka hästi kui kasutada lauvärvi aluskreemi. Ma ilma pole proovinudki, sest aluskreemi kasutamine on juba nii käe sees- tuleb automaatselt kui endale meiki teen. 
Halb on see, et paletis ei ole ühtegi matti tooni ning ka kulmuluule sobivat heledat tooni siit minu arvates ei leia. Paleti heledaim värv on minu meelest liiga frosty, et seda kulmuluul kasutada- ma ise eelistan matte highlight'e. Pealekandmisel soovitan kasutada kerget kätt ja üleliigne lauvärv enne pintslilt maha koputada- muidu pudeneb lauvärv põskedele ja peate põhja uuesti tegema. Alati võite muidugi ka põhja pärast teha- pole muret näolt lauvärvi eemaldamisega. 
Kaasasolevad pintsli võite kohe minema visata- eriti hajutamiseks mõeldud pintsliots- väga odav ja torkiv ning haraline moodustis. Lauvärve võib ka näppudega peale kanda, kusjuures ma isegi teen seda vahel kui kiire on ja õiget pintslit kätte ei satu. 
Kokkuvõtteks soovitan seda paletti proovida, kui teile rohelised- pruunid toonid meeldivad. :) Hind on taskukohane ja toodet on selle raha eest enam kui küllalt. 

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  1. See on tõesti ebaaus, et me siin Eestis peame WnW lauvärvide jms toodete eest nii palju maksma võrreldes USAga, aga no mis teha - Eestis elamise rõõmud. Hea review ja toonid tunduvad väga kenad :)

  2. i love this palette!! its still sold out at my local drugstore, but i'll keep checking back every so often.

  3. pretty. xx

    p.s. I'm having a shoe giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :)


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