Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The MBB Monday poll vol3

Hey, beauties!

Karen from MBB=makeupandbeautyblog(click to see her answers) has been doing this "poll" for quite a while now(this is vol.221!) and as you may guess, I like to answer to her random list of questions sometime. 
I might as well call it Tuesday poll, because my timezone is over 12 hours ahead of hers. :P Anyway, here goes nothing...

1. Mood:
Excited! I just ordered my first dslr, I chose canon 600d/t3i (more budget friendly than my first option- canon 60d) :) I hope that I will get it this week, maybe on friday - my birthday is on Sunday.

2. If you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be?
That night is for sleeping, at least for humans and it is not polite to scratch windows(you know the noise when someone scratches the blackboard, right?) 

3. Do you do anything in particular to celebrate the start of summer?

I don't celebrate the summer when school ends, but tehnically st.johns(jaanipäev) is in the start of summer. That night is even more important to Estonians than Christmas. Everybody goes as far away from the city as possible, preferably to some small island with friends. We eat lots of meat and usually people drink even more beer. 

4. Eyes/Lips/Cheeks?

Today I had no makeup on, because I went to Oriflame event tonight and I thought that they might show us how to do something, but actually it was just room full of girls and they showed a little bit on 2 ladies. So I am kind of disappointed, I hoped for something more personal. 

5. Do you have a special spot where you like to read?

I live in one room apartment, so I can't be that picky. My place is usually on the couch, left side.  

6. A song that always puts you in a good/better mood?

My new obsession is Alex Clare- Up all night, his other songs are ahmazing too!  

7. Do you keep a pair of casual shoes by the front door?

I only wear casual shoes, so yes, they are always by the door :D  

8. Tell me about your weekend. What did you do?

On Saturday I studied for dermatovenerology exam that is going to be this friday. Ofc watched some football on Saturday night, bayern vs chelsea, UEFA final. Sunday wasn't nothing special, just cosy at home day. ahh.. I played Diablo III :P We(me&my bf) got a guest pass from a friend- so addictive game, I haven't played Diablo before, but now we have to buy this. Well, we wait until the school is over... 2 more exams to go for me, that's about 2 weeks! yay! 

9. What scent are you wearing?

I am one-perfume-person, so at the moment(for last 4 months or so), I have been wearing Acqua di Gioia Essenza (hahaa so difficult name, I always have to look on the internet how it is spelled. :D ) 

10. Weekly goals:

Do well on my dermatovenerology exam, maybe have a small celebration on Saturday or Sunday. You may guess how old I am getting this year :)
Thank you for reading!

Vabandust, ei jaksa seda praegu ümber tõlkida, kasutage google translate'i kui tõesti midagi aru ei saa. Kuigi ma kahtlen selles, et inglise keele oskus nii halb on kellelgi.... ;) 

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