Friday, July 13, 2012

My favourites from ELF

Hey, beauties!

In this post I am listing my top ELF products, because ELF UK has 50% sale until 10 a.m. on 14th July.

So first of, brushes:
I love and use daily ELF Studio brushes: Eyeshadow C brush, blush brush, complexion brush and Kabuki face brush. All of them have synthetic bristles and other than rattling handles I haven't had any problems in a year that I have used them. I wash them about once every 2 weeks and they haven't shed or lost their shape,

And secondly, makeup products that I love:
1. ELF mineral blush in coral - I am so sad to see that it hasn't been in stock for about 6 months now, I hope that it hasn' t been discontinued, because I love this light coral shade it gives to my cheeks. Also, for some reason, this color makes my eyes look more greener.
2. ELF Studio blushes: not all of them are great, but for the price you get quite good color payoff. My favorite color is twinkle pink - light not overly shimmery pink, that doesn't make you look like a clown- so beginner friendly tone. You can see some swatches here.
3. ELF mineral lipsticks: I am not a lipstick person, but I quite like the color payoff and texture of these lipsticks, my favorite tone is Runway pink - perfect cool toned nude pink.
4. ELF Studio bronzers: perfect for ladies who have fair to light complexion- they are pretty sheer, so you don't have to worry about over applying. I have it in Warm.
5. ELF eyelid primers: They do their job! Maybe you lose an hour or two comparing to more expensive eyeprimers, but when you are on a budget, try them out.
6. ELF Brightening eye colors: They need primer, but otherwise, Drama and Day 2 night quads work very well.
7. ELF Wet gloss lash and brow mascara:  Cheap brow gel that keeps your brows in place. Only problem is that too much product comes out and you run out of this pretty quickly. I haven't discovered any difference between brow and lash part so I just use both ends on my brows.
8. ELF Luscious liquid lipstick: Actually they are more like lipglosses that have some color to them. I love the product, but the package is really low quality - I am not the only one who has broken tube of this lying around. My favorite color is perfect pink. These have vanillamint scent, which beats ELF's regular sugarorange scent that I hate.
9. ELF translucent matte powder:  This does make your face matte, but it doesn't have very much color or coverage, so you may want to skip that if you want more from a finishing powder.
10. ELF studio conditioning lip balm: great if you like a lipbalm that gives some color. It also contains SPF 15 which is a must in summer, you have to protect your lips too! I had it in mellow melon, but gave it to my sister, because I hate when I have to stick my fingers in a product to apply it.

Thank you for reading!

Hei, kaunitarid!
Täna ma teksti ümber tõlkima ei hakka, kuna kahjuks on ELFi allahindlus nagunii kohe lõppemas ning paljud mu lemmikud on hetkel otsas. Paljusid nimetatud toodetest kasutan pea iga kord kui endale meiki teen. Kindlasti soovitan osta Studio seeria pintsleid - oma 11 pintsliga komplekti sain 11 kuud tagasi  ja siiani on pintslit täitsa mõnusad, kuigi olen neid ka regulaarselt pesnud- ainuke probleem on vartega, mis võivad logisema hakata või lausa ära tulla- väike tilk superliimi lahendab selle. ;)
Kes mu blogi tihedamini loeb on ehk niigi näinud, mis tooteid ma rohkem kasutan ja võib sellest lähtuda :)
Allahindlus kehtib homme kella 10ni hommikul (UK aja järgi). ELF pikendas oma soodusmüüki kuni 16.juuli keskpäevani.
Kõik tooted leiate, kui klikite inglise keelsele nimele.

Aitäh, et lugesite!


  1. I love their eye primer too & i use it daily. It does a great job, I also love their mineral blushes.

  2. We have a few favourites in common :) I haven't tried the mineral blushes yet, was dying to do so during this offer but the ones I want are out of stock :( The cream blushes are also amazing though!