Monday, April 20, 2015

Haul: Makeup Revolution

Hei, kaunitarid!

Andsin alla ja tellisin endale Makeup Revolutionist "paar" toodet. Kasutasin ära märtsi 3.nädalal olnud sooduspakkumist, mille käigus pidi tellima £ 25 tooteid ja kingiks sai nende poolt kokku pandud toodete komplekti, samuti £ 25 väärtuses. Minu tellitud ports maksis muidugi ca £ 51 koos saatmisega. 

I gave in and ordered some Makeup Revolution products, so this is my first Make up revolution haul, when they had a offer in the end of march. The offer was: when you buy £ 25 worth of products, then you get a free gift worth also £ 25. Of course my order was a bit bigger... 

Igaljuhul minu valitud tooted olid: / These are the products that I chose:
1. I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts - Golden Goddess 
2. I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts- Candy Queen
3.  Highlighter Palette Radiance 
4. Lip Lava - Firestorm
5. Lip Lava-Tremor
6. Focus & Fix Liquid Concealer - toon Fair
7. Pro Looks Palette -Big Love 
8. Iconic Pro 1 Palette 
9. I ♡ Makeup I Heart Chocolate 
10. Iconic 3 palette 

Kasutanud veel midagi meigi tegemiseks ei ole, 3 lauvärvi paletti on swatchitud ja tekstuur teada - lauvärvid on veidi pudenevad, mitte kõige siidisemad, kuid tundub et hea pigmendiga.  Väga vaimustuses ei ole, aga meigist mitte vaimustumine on üleüldine tendents, mitte tingitud konkreetsest brändist. 

I have not used anything for makeup looks yet, but I have swatched 3 eyeshadow palettes and now I know the texture, pigmentation etc. I must say, that I am not amazed, but makeup really has not blown my socks off lately.

Tasuta komplekt: värvide poolest on tooted üsna hästi saadetud, ei kasutaks ainult ühte punases karbis olevat huulepulka- liiga tume minu jaoks. Ja pean ka mainima, et lõhnab nagu vanaks läinud huulepulk ikka. :S Seda olen varemgi kuulnud, et Makeup Revolutioni huulepulkadel on eemaletõukav lõhn - seetõttu te neid ise tellitud toodete hulgas ei näegi. 

Free items: I knew what products I would get, but I didn´t know what colors they are going to send- I must say that most of the colors are really useable. Only one lipstick (in red packaing), smells SO bad and is too dark for my likeing. I had heard efore that MUR lipsticks tend to smell bad, that is why I didn´t order any... 

Mis on teie Makeup Revolutioni wishlistis? Mida olete ise proovinud? Millised tooted on lemmikud olnud?
Aitäh, et lugesite!

What is on your Makeup Revolution wishlist? What have you tried? What are your favorite products by MUR?
Thank you for reading!


  1. Great haul! This is my new favourite budget brand. They do eyeshadow so well, especially if youre looking for great colors and finishes.
    Another fave of mine is the Aqua Seal liquid eyeprimer. It's a product like INGLOT duraline. Makes powder eyeshadows in to liquids (or eyeliner) and revives your dried up gel liners! I love it.

    1. Oh, this Aqua seal sounds interesting, I think ELF had also something like this. :)

  2. Oii, ma nii ootan, et sa MUR-st arvustuse kirjutaksid, et teada, kas on väärt tellida või mitte. :) Ise tahaks proovida Iconic 2 paletti, kuid vaadates sinu tooteid, siis olen avatud ka muule.


    Minu enda tellimus siis blogis kirjas. Head tooted algajale, aga minujaoks see pudisemine ja nõrgem pigment suur miinus.

    1. Jah, ma olen ka paremaid lauvärve kasutanud. Eks näis kui kaua need paletid mu kogus püsivad ehk siis kas ma ka reaalselt neid kasutama hakkan v mitte.

  4. I have the same lip lavas, and I love them - though I only wore it at home...School rules don't allow me to use it there, and I spend almost all of my time there (this is my last year, and it will be over in two weeks, so there are lot of things to do...)...
    BUT the I <3 chocolate palette is one of my favourites...I don't really like nudes, but for school it is the perfect choice (I think), it is very comfortable and "easy-to-use", also cheap and natural, and I'm totally satisfied with it...

    Back to the post: you got beautiful things, and I hope you will be pleased with them too! :)

    1. What do you mean by natural? The tones are natural, but the ingredient list does not float my boat- a lot of parabens, talc etc.
      I am yet to try those lip lavas.
      Thank you for the comment!

    2. The tones, of course! :)
      They are too cheap to be cruelty free AND have healthy ingridients - although it would be perfect...but I am always happier with cruelty-free products, no matter how bad is the ingridient list. :)
      (I pay for them, I wear them, and I am aware of ingridients, but animals can't say if it that is more important for me when I buy something...but the second step is always checking the list, I don't want to make irresponsible decesions...loving animals is not equal to being wrinkly /before time/ or having brutal allergic reactions so I can totally understand your opinion about unhealthy ingridients.)

    3. Good, on that cruelty free and not testing on animals part I totally agree with you! :)